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  1. Ads make it impossible to play
    Love this game on my phone, but on the iPad an ad will pop up and when I tap close (x) the screen goes black and I have to shut down the game.
  2. Addictive
    Bought the in app purchase for $1.99. It's worth the price for huts of entertainment.
  3. Good challenges/bad app
    Not worth buying. Year later, I'm trying it again and I play one short game, get a full screen ad, than get an upper bar ad that won't close, then game freezes. I shut it off and need to try way later or else ad is still there. decent game. I like it. but, obviously, they have no intention to fix it plus be reasonable about ads. very stupid on their part.
  4. Bubble bust
    Excellent graphics on iPod iPhone Terrible graphics on iPad
  5. Black Screen
    Your app is a joke. After one level the screen goes black and that is it. I had to delete this app. Too bad the one level I played was kinda fun.
  6. Not good, continuous ads
    After playing just a few games, ads appear and are removed with difficulty. Eventually, after five or six repetitions of this, the screen goes blank (black) and there is no way I see to get back to the game. I remove it and download it again. The same things as described happens. This is my sixth and final time doing so. Too bad. Would have been interested in purchasing the full version but don't trust that it won't also have annoying ads and/or problems.
  7. Bubble blast
    this game is extremely addictive. Having to pay for extrablevels is not cool.
  8. Good job!
    I like this game! Very simplistic appearance, which is truly refreshing. I get tired of all the bells and whistles from the other games. This game has enough of those to keep this game challenging without being overwhelming. The faster you want to play, the faster this games go. Very nice job!
  9. Great
    Excellent..need more levels... Purchased and completed all levels
  10. Addictive
    I find myself coming back time and time again. Look out bubble queens. Who's your daddy,
  11. Need more levels pay if I have to
    Need more levels!!!!! Am willing to pay for more levels willing to pay for more levels willing to pay addicting
  12. No Sound?...
    I have no sound no matter what settings I change. I even delete and reinstalled the app, still no sound.......
  13. Great
    We are waiting for a new levels pack :) I've finished all levels with the golden stars :P
  14. Great game...but
    I love the game! I have spent many hours playing on iPhone and have bought the extra world... However, I cannot get the additional world to open on my new iPad. Because of this I am lowering my rating to a two star rating, would have been a five star rating without the bug.
  15. Great but slow
    Love this game but it has a tendency to get very slow. Hopefully they fix this. Great game though!!
  16. Great game
    This app is fun to play and a bit adicting
  17. Addicted
    Since I discover this game, I played it several times a day. It's really addicting and fun. Julie
  18. Bubble bust
    This is so fun! Very challenging and keeps brain thinking of strategy to use until level is complete.
  19. Very addicting
    This game is so addicting. Very hard to put down
  20. I'm Hooked
    Bubble Burst has me in its grips and I can't break loose. But I have not even tried. Thanx


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