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  1. Michael me
    Look guys iv been playing this game everyday for 2weeks and still getting white stars when knocking lights out on the bubble pattern about fed up with this game doesn't play fair at all
  2. Black screen
    After each level when I close an ad it goes to a black screen and have to restart program.
  3. A must have!
    This is THE best bubble-shooter game in the Store. Easy play, nice UI, tons of levels, and many achievements. Highly recommended! For those whining about the ads, pay the $0.99! It's endless hours of fun and you are griping about a dollar?!
  4. Bubble Trouble
    Eventually I got hooked. Just waiting for an updated version now.
  5. Love it!!!
    I enjoy playing a game every day.
  6. Perfect game
    This game is just wonderful. So addictive. Best way to make time pass and have fun.
  7. Great but ..
    It a cool game but when a ads comes I press x the screen turns black and I to go back to the home screen and press the game again upgrade
  8. Too many Ads!
    Great game, been playing it for years, decided to start all over and that was a big mistake! Too many stupid ads!!! Think I shouldn't have delete old game! It didn't have those annoying ads! Too bad, was a good game until ads pop up whenever! Going to delete you now!
  9. Addicting
    It works very smoothly and it's so addicting. I've sat and played this game for hours! Highly recommend!!
  10. Afdictive
    Very addictive but some levels are rigged so you cant get to the yellow star.
  11. Was fun, but now crashes at start of every game!!
    I'm only playing the free version, but after passing all the levels, it started crashing so much it is impossible to rank up levels that had bronze or silver stars. In fact, all levels will crash right after "game on" shows. It starts stuttering as the game scrolls through the course, then just crashes. Usually before a ball can be launched!!! Too bad, but it is what it is. (iPhone 6s, OS 9.5)
  12. Great on planes
    Need something to distract you while the other passengers are boarding? With the sound off you can Boyce, score and win with ease. Kids like it too!
  13. Terrible
    Due to incessant ads and continuous crashes I rate this game as UNPLAYABLE. HORRIBLE
  14. Free version has obscene advertisements
    The free version of this game has advertisements that obscene, but touted as funny. I found them very offensive. Some of them border on porn. The free version is also glitchy, and crashes frequently. The game itself is simple enough, and a good time waster. You can get rid of the obnoxious advertisements by buying a level. It also becomes more stable once you pay for it.
  15. Annoying
    It keeps slowing down then quitting on me, please fix
  16. Terrible
  17. Great!
    It's fun and addicting,but there are too many ads!
  18. Great!
    Super fun game to pass the time!
  19. A-
    Very addictive and a good time passer. Some bonus levels are pretty tricky but overall a great game
  20. Great
    I tried several games that were similar, but the graphics here were so much better and this also had the most levels


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