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  1. Favorite pinball
    Zombies and the Deep are the best games. They have a good balance between skill and luck. Very enjoyable to play.
  2. Just been more game is the best game I've ever seen for pinball
    It's definitely the most fun video pinball game ever seen ever I love it and play it a lot It's graphics are awesome and gameplay WITH VOICE EFFECTS TOO everything about the PINBALL game is the best I'm for sure anyone WHO REALLY LOVES pinball games is also going to REALLY LOVE it like I do as well ok A REAL TRUE FAN BRIAN OF IOWA
  3. The Best Digital PinBall Game Ever
    I love this game .... It's Responsive the colors and lights remind me of the old pinball games when I was a kid. I don't know how you make the flippers so responsive. The balls so fast and accurate! I do have some suggestions: I'd like an option to continue your last game after you lose your last ball. Also different themes would be nice too !
  4. A Whole New World!
    An underseas adventure set to funky music & with challenging missions to complete to achieve statuses such as Seaman. A fun game where U can practice your skills to play other pinball games that r worth a try, like the 'Halloween' table.
  5. Great game,
    Reminds me of many all nighters in the diner many decades ago.
  6. Love!
    Reminds me of my days in the college common room, playing the pinball machines. Excellent action and visuals.
  7. Great game
    I love it when bored at work
  8. Very fun game
    This is a very fun pinball game that is realistic. The scoring boundaries are set so that you have a chance to win and progress well through the game. It is addictive. I play it often.
  9. Great pinball
    I like the improved graphics. The game play changed, like the path a ball follow from upper ball eject but not a bad path. Still worth buying and lots of good play.
  10. Nice game
    It's cool to pass time in a DMV
  11. Addictive Fun!
    Lots of fun for the whole family! Addictive fun! Have to get the other apps! The updates are current, so I recommend trying this app. I've used it for years and it's a load of fun!
  12. Deep pinball
    My favorite game I love pinball machines.
  13. So much fun
    A great way to pass the time.
  14. Closest to the real thing
    Used to love playing 70's era pinball. Unlike the current games out today, this one takes me back. Love this game
  15. Like it , but....
    Erratic scoring. Sometimes I start a new game and the score will just start rolling before the first ball is launched. In this mode it doesn't register the hits in the sunken ship. Then without reason it will revert to standard scoring mid-game. Similarly, a regular game will switch into this mode without warning.
  16. Too fun!
    Best thing next to arcade pinball, the updates make it even better!
  17. Pretty good
    Although I do feel like you get hosed sometimes when you hit the flapper, this game is fun. I have played it for a long time.
  18. Great game with one issue
    Great game except periodically the left flipper goes dead which can be very frustrating.
  19. Old school classic
    Luv the game! Great graphics and simple to play. It's like the arcade 80's again!!!
  20. Excellent !
    Better than any other I've tried. Beautiful.


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