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  1. Fun and addicting
    Amazing game, simple yet changing enough to keep you puzzling, changing weapons and ways you have to use them. I love it!
  2. Fun and addicting
    Very much like the first Stupid Zombies game but with clever changes to ammo and gameplay to keep you distracted.
  3. Addictive
    It's not complicated and it's not action packed. However, it's just a lot of fun. The graphics are hilarious. The idea behind the game is quite entertaining. You can play as fast or and slow as you want. There is no rush. It's just a fun game you can play at your own pace. It's been fun to compare solutions with the other folks in the office.
  4. Stupid fun
    This is a marksmanship game. You can take as long as you want between shots, which is nice if you're looking for a more leisurely-paced game. It's also pretty straightforward, which is not the same as easy. I've had no problems with the game so far.
  5. Stupid Zombies 2
    This game is really awesome but the level can be really challenging.
  6. The Best Game in App Store
    I have had this game ever since it came out. I have about 1,000 apps and this and Stupid Zombies are definitely the best games out there.
  7. Zombie2
    Entertaining, addictive, and totally time wasting way to kill a few hours.
  8. Lame Rating
    Great game. Decent Graphics. But seriously 17+ !!! Really? I know a four year old that plays this game. PS He doesn't have nightmares.
  9. Love stupid zombies
    Second version just like first but with new zombies. This game is great!
  10. Texas
    I've enjoyed this game. It starts out easy and gets more difficult. My wife's been getting upset because I'm spending to much time on this game.
  11. Addicting!
    Lots of fun additions on this version! Gotta try it!
  12. Love it
    As much or more fun the the first one, will there be a third installment?
  13. Great
    An addicting game and a great time killer
  14. Doesn't score right
    I guess they don't want you playing the game if you don't partake in the worldwide come-on-lets-all-socialize game interrupts my game too much and I'm just totally tired of it. We also need back the red beam that goes from the gun to the target. I don't know what happened to it but it's really hard to see and sometimes I can't see it at all.
  15. Addicting and Fun!!
    As addicting and fun like the first time playing angry birds ..... Love it ...wish you could upgrade the guns though or shoot pistols .
  16. I like it
    Good shooter game, easy to pick up and pass around during drinking games.
  17. Great fun
    Starts easy gets harder as you go kids love it I enjoy it highly recommend it for waiting rooms busses ECT great little time waister
  18. Bad zombie bad
    One of my favorite apps This game rocks, ingenious levels, someone very talented made these levels, even Sheldon from Big Bang theory would love this game
  19. Won't open now
    Was fine. Then updated. Now won't open at all! Was five stars, now one.
  20. Keeps crashing
    It keeps crashing when I try and play it. Please fix.:(


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