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  1. Where’s Dying Light
    I want to play the Dying Light Version of this game but it doesn’t show up until I get a response I won’t change my review.
  2. More fun as it goes along
    This game is quite a decent brain workout. You will find yourself doing each level over & over because it is challenging. Great game, if you dont get it - you’re missing out.
  3. Good game
    What do you expect for a free game? There’s a lot of ads, but a fun game with some good target shooting game.
  4. LOL
    Lol my mother knows the owner Nick. LOL Gimme free stuff.
  5. It’s alright but...
    If you’ve played 1 & 2 of this game you will see the aim and game play is the same (great job). The downside is how many of each color you have to get on each level. Just make it a star system and make it simple. Somehow this game getting a touch better graphics made it lose something. I don’t know how but I really liked the look and play of #2 over this one.
  6. The game is so good
    I have so much fun playing best game I have on my phone people who see this review get the game I love it
  7. Addicting
    Once you play It you keep playing it good for long car rides or down time
  8. Amazing
    This game is the best zombie game I've played in a while I do suggest to get this app and while your at it also get kill more zombies
  9. Awesome Game
    I honestly enjoy it, would be better with out all of those stupid ads!! But all in all it's a cool game to play!!
  10. It's fun, BUT...
    This would be a nice game if it didn't keep you waiting for (overly long!) ads to stop interrupting things. I'm deleting it.
  11. Zombies
    This was a good a** game to play while I smoke on reefer this game aight I recommend
  12. Love it!!
    This is an awesome game thanks for creating it!!
  13. Stupid zombies 3
    Addictive and a blast! Ha ha ha ha!
  14. Awesome
    Love the game, awesome concept good time killer
  15. Gg
    I like eating ass/ イ    (((ヽ (  ノ      ̄Y\ | (\ (. /) | ) ヽ ヽ` ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _ノ /  \ | ⌒Y⌒ / /   |ヽ  |  ノ /   \トー仝ーイ    | ミ土彡/ ) \ ° / ( \ / / / Ѽ========D / / / \ \ \ ( ( ). ) ). ) ( ). ( | |
  16. Great developer response! Updated..Too many long ads
    My original review was "Seeing an ad between levels is one thing but having to watch 30 second clips is ridiculous. The game would be great but is ruined by the length of ads." I was contacted by the developer within a couple of days and the long ads have been removed. Now the game is awesome..very challenging and great graphics. I would support this developer just on the basis that they listen to users and update their games to make it a good experience
  17. Wehhh wehhh cash carti bih
    Playboi carti needa come out w/ a new album osrs
  18. Great game
    Totally enjoy the game, but will be sticking to SZ2 more often. My issue is not having a option to buy out of the ads, and pandering for money for additional lives.
  19. Fun
    Fun just like the first two games in the trilogy. Good to waste some time on
  20. Amazing
    I always played this when I was 3 now im 10


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Fixed issue where explosive barrels could get stuck.