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  1. Cool
    I've had it for 5 minutes and I already love the 3D.
  2. Epic
    Love it great start keep making improvements epic
  3. Offline mode not working
    Nice idea for a game but there are too many things that bug me . One, offline mode is broken. Two, you put the arrow button that turns the achievement page right underneath an ad. So you have to try really hard to hit it with a tiny portion of your finger or else the ad banner gets tapped. Third, the screen spinning is annoying because not all the surface is tappable and even when zoomed out I can't seem to tap on some buildings for the 2x multiplier because they get spun offscreen.
  4. 1 star review
    The game is horrible. All you do is tap a screen until you make enough money to buy things. There is no purpose what so ever I the game. There are many improvements that could be made in the game. I thought this game would be like sim city or something. But instead it turned out to be just some lame knockoff that is very bad. Please don't buy it. It's not worth it.


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