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  1. Payers
    Great poker game , but too many bingo players.
  2. Good app for a fun game
    After trying numerous card apps I found this one and have really enjoyed it for its ease of use and quick playing time if you use the fast tables. Give it a try you will like it.
  3. The Truth
    Enjoyable play overall as long as one understand that sometimes a hand is dealt only a computer could think up. A few improvements are needed. The fast game could be faster for more enjoyable game play. I suggest a vote off the island button. All it takes is one jerk to destroy a whole table so it would be nice by a unanimous vote to boot off troublemakers. Give it a try and see you on the tables.
  4. Good, but could be better
    I have really enjoyed using this app. The free chips are always nice. And the app is easy to use. My biggest complaint is when two or more people go all in before the river, everyone at the table should be able to see all their hands while the cards play out, not just the winning hand. Or when you call someone on the river, a basic tenet of poker is you gotta "pay to see them", but if they lose, you don't get to see them. This would be a nice addition.
  5. BS cheating scamming developers with a fake username dealing RNG
    Con artists rigged game play unless you didn’t pay for play money! This scum of the earth is the most fraudulent cheating online poker RNG I’ve seen to date! Scamming username orchestrated BS is all you’ll find here unless you pay for cards I can only guess! I only get face cards when I’m never allowed to catch them! I get so many 2s in my whole cards which couldn’t be possible in real life! Only great thing here is it makes for stupid people at real card tables for money ! Still I hate this cheating username RNG repeating card outcomes crap ! Online luck.execute, luck here’s a program code to only benefit the developers not too be legitimate! Odds can be put in all outcomes and, here they give constant repeating impossible duplicate scenarios! Not a 100% identical just repeating outcomes for hand types! You’ll see here the stupid catching hands often but, that keeps a big loose clientele for money on a free poker app! 100% fraudulent cheating developer RNG!
  6. New account.
    Had to open new account, as my original account I had for a couple of years just disappeared when I up graded my iPhone to a apple 7 plus and for a reason I don’t understand why pokerking failed to transfer !!, which I had over one million chips left on the old iPhone, are you able to confirm & add the chips I lost in the transfer process ?, very much appreciated, hopefully you are able to fix my request, thank you......!!
  7. Obscene pics
    Deleted after 10 mins of play when someone’s icon kept coming up with an obscene picture. Disappointing.
    For those of you that are sick & tired of seeing ridiculous hands and getting RIPPED-OFF with PokerKing,,,PLEASE check out the “WORLD SERIES OF POKER” app! It puts this app to shame!!! Finally another app has taken PokerKing to the cleaners!!! At one time this app had 100K+ players playing at one time, now your lucky if you see 20K! Why? Folk are realizing that if you don’t BUY chips, you don’t win, PERIOD!!! WSOP deals RANDOM hands, PERIOD!!! Not even close with PokerKing!!! Do yourself a huge favor and check out WSOP app!!!
  9. Well designed
    I’ve played other games and this game by far is one of the better. You don’t get to play for free and mingle with the other players. Great Job!
  10. Doesn’t follow rules
    The app “works”, but it doesn’t follow the rules for poker. Example: if someone bets, I call and I win the hand, it does not show the original better’s hand. If I call, they are required to show. Also doesn’t handle blinds correctly when people move on and off of the table. There is no scenario where I should be big blind 3 consecutive hands.
  11. This a fun game
    But it has taken my money several times when I needed more chips and i never received the chips I paid for on game. Strongly dislike. And will not play until refunded my money !
  12. Slow it down just a bit
    When you are head to head with someone, you need to roll the cards one at a time. In one second intervals. It creates a moment. Even for those that have folded.
  13. Cheats
    I rate this poker app at 8 out of 10, the players would concur that the other 2 point deduction, Is from the lack of a social interface. Use your imagination or here's an idea, add an option, that could allow "player's" added as friends to form groups at private tables for additional chat options. I believe with this type of dynamic gaming and social interface your app would be the go to place and worthy of a rating of a Bo Derek, a 10 for all you youngster's out there. I want to thank you for the opportunity to address an otherwise great app. They call me Cheats but in all actuality I'm an as honest guy trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents!
  14. Very fun
    Good play, learning a lot. I'm ambrosea, Rosie for short. Go broncos, go Colorado state rams
  15. Flawed
    If you don’t mind unrealistic play and a flawed game that lets 3 of a kind beat a flush from time to time, this game is for you. If you are a serious poker player, go elsewhere because I’ve witnessed unbelievable runs of luck that just don’t happen in real life. I even took the time to notify the creators but they could care less. They feigned interest asking for a screenshot but there is no time at the conclusion of a hand to capture it. If you are strictly looking for entertainment, you might be satisfied with a game that has inherent flaws.
  16. Great game, timer needs rework
    I can't be the only one who loves the game, but hates the perpetual timer. Update to solid unmoving green which evolves to moving yellow and red. The idea being if you're like most players who finish before the timer stops being green, you would not have to watch it move while deciding your play!
  17. Not basic poker 101 rules.
    You make a poker game and you can't even get down the basic rules. How pathetic. Never ever should the Dealer be Big Blind. How can you make a poker game and not even know the basic rules.
  18. Fun
    Wish I was good at it .....
  19. Fun Stuff!
    Always fun to play some poker but too bad there are pervs left and right all over the platform! Provocative photos on profiles. Pretty annoying but oh well!
  20. Holdem....
    Really enjoy playing. The "all" in players, out of the gate. Frustrating. There's no skill involved. Lol I enjoy PLAYING cards... bluffing.... surprising.... strategizing.... You know, playing holdem. I do enjoy hearing where different players are from. Absolutely everywhere. Awesome. Great site. R. Hoffer


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