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  1. Worth the look
    I'm always looking for a faster and easier way to call people. This one is a worthy app. I think the one thing that would improve this app is pages instead of continuous scrolling.
  2. Awesome
    This is a great tool to quickly call or text people that you contact regularly. The Uber shortcut works great too!
  3. Can't test this app without paying first
    Set up seems easy but I can not test to see how or if it works without paying first••. I am comparing this app to another similar one, which I was able to try out after initial set up. For now I would give it a two stars but would update once I know it works as expected.
  4. Pretty good
    My only complaint is that when my phone is locked and I try to message or call through the widget,I have to unlock my phone. If that was changed, I would give 5/5.
  5. Just what I was looking for...almost
    I have never reviewed an app before but this one was worth my time. I tried out a Samsung for two days - that's all I could stand! And while I could get almost every app on it - it still sucked! The ONLY thing that I liked about it was the ability to add my favorite contacts to the home screen. This widget is the closest thing I have found that will allow me easy access to the people I call and text regularly. Just wish it could be on the home screen and not just a widget!
  6. Nice! Exactly what I wanted for the kids to be able to call grandma and grandpa
    Roberto Pastrana
    Nice! Exactly what I wanted for the kids to be able to call grandma and grandpa
  7. About time
    I use this at work and it has made life easier for me to contact co-workers on they fly. Also I don't have to keep co-workers in my personal favorites list anymore. Thanks
  8. Great App!!!
    Great app....very easy to use and great design!
  9. Wow
    This is such an easy to use app. It is great!
  10. Easy tool.
    I've been using phone widget for 3 months. Very easy to setup and use.
  11. Awesome app
    Very nice and useful app. The widget is nice but there is one bug. When you try to go to Telegram its not working in Kazakhstan but in usa its works. Strange
  12. Love this app
    This app is much better than the apple favorites wiget. Very efficient and useful!!
  13. Good efficient favorites app
    In a world drowning with apps, this one gets it right.
  14. Awesome app
    Call text WhatsApp email FaceTime from lock screen neat.
  15. Works great
    I got this because the built in favorites didn't work on iOS 10.3.2. This works great allowing me quick access to multiple messaging systems, email, phone, and more!
  16. Great one tap messaging and calling
    I looked at a Lot of apps for this and chose this one. My main concerns: can have separate (or one) widgets for text or call to same contact; have group text widget; unlimited widgets. Details: need to buy the premium package (but price nominal) to make text widgets and a one touch group text (iPhone doesn't give that option easily if at all) and so I could have unlimited call/text widgets on my notification page And I like that u can customize what you want each widget to do (vs short tap to call or long tap to text on same widget as some favorites widgets apps are; in a hurry I don't want to worry about how long I'm tapping. Lol) Thank you creators; you've made my transition to iPhone from a Samsung Galaxy much less troublesome and happy since this widget issue was a Big negative in iPhone use.
  17. Solid!
    Does exactly what it's supposed to! Works great!
  18. Zero stars.
    Maddening to use. They obviously did not try it out first.
  19. Easy
    Easy to install and use. Handy little app
  20. It work!
    Saves me time. Love using it for group messaging.


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