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  1. Zarps fortress
    Whenever I get to the last part which is zarps fortress on the last part it always logs me out of the game and its been doing this for a year!!!!!!!!!!! I still like the whole game but.......THIS STOPS HERE
  2. Draw a stick man
    Don't listen to the haters get this AWSOME COOL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Great game!
    Please make another! Or an extension with more levels
  4. Make a part 2
    This game is so much fun I think u should make another one. I honestly don't have a reason to tell you but it's fun so u should!!!!!!
  5. Love it
    Best game ever MADE. LOL get it? Please make a part 2!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEAZE!!!!!
  6. Really fun and entertaining!
    This game is great, a cute idea that is super entertaining!
  7. Good game but there's a problem
    I can't find a way to run away from all that dynamite once the fuse is I need to find a way.
  8. Good but....
    I really love this app and it's super fun but I'm annoyed that I payed three bucks for it and finished it in like two days.
  9. OMG✨✨
    It's awesome I also have it on my computer
  10. Supper EPIC
    Amazing worth every second of my day but it's a log game it takes weeks to finish soooo cool get this game
  11. Love this game!
    Thank u for making a awesome game! Love the interaction with drawing. On to purchase epic 2 now
  12. Wow!
    This game is outstanding! There really needs to be more games like Stickman. Love it!
  13. Epic!
    I just love this game and I wanna see more games like these 1s and I think your company can make a game like it agin
  14. Love this game
    This game is fun and entertaining and keeps me occupied when I'm really bored
  15. Very cool
    It's a really get game and very original, but the fact that drawing is hard to do with your fingers it can make the game look ugly
  16. Doesn't work
    Since doing a system update, the application no longer opens. Please fix.
  17. Great
    I love this game because you can do virtually anything
  18. Very Addicting and Very Creative
    Cannot stop playing! Very cute and a fun storyline for the characters. An eraser feature and multiple colors for the friend would be helpful. Challenging but not too difficult. Simple but not boring. I wish there were more games like this
  19. really sweet
    even though i have beat the game, its REALLY fun.
  20. Like
    A game were u can draw ur character and play him.


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