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  1. Game is fun BUT
    I like the card algorithm here the deck is not like other sites where flush every hand or Ace on last card all the time. BUT what problem I seem to have is 4 or 5 hands in a row I will get 7-2 or 8-2 9-2 while others at table get KK AA just monsters every hand can’t even bet by that time I’m blinded out or I finally get A-X and 2345 stuff falls the noob stays on with 9-2 and wins Hopefully things will iron out cause I’ll keep playing
  2. Gingersnapxoxo
    MY CHIPS ARE DISAPPEARING WITHOUT ME PLAYING THEM SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS GAME. PLEASE REPLACE THEM. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME ITS HAPPENED. HELPPPPPPPP!!! Wow this game is for suckers like myself. I've spent over $500.00 to buy chips and never win much it's a freakin ripoff. DONT BUY CHIPS !!!!!!!!!! Most of these reviews in favor of the game are written by the people who work for the App Store.
  3. friending some one
    in the middle of a live hand IS CHEATING. THAT HAS TO BE FIXED. i have not had good hands when it happens but i miss chances to call raise every time. this really needs to be changed
  4. Great Game
    Great graphics and realistic hands. The game isn't "fixed" like some other poker games. A little buggy, but so good Ill take the minor bugs. KC Cunningham
  5. I love it! Win it's not cheating
    Decent game but it cheats a lot Makes it unplayable
  6. BGK
    My game name is BGK and I own the SNG 10k X 2 player table. + 48,000 wins and an elite player. Try beating my + 72% win percentage. I'll frustrate you every time.
  7. Poker
    Been playing for Years!!! Great Game App!!!
  8. Stellar
    Play, hours of enjoyment. Amazing graphics, cool avatars and social environments. I love that you can talk with the players any time. Hey developers, how about connecting mikes and cameras too? Or is that too creepy? Great job, thank you! After making a chip purchase, I proceeded to loose it all. Rigged game? Most likely, don't buy chips. I challenge the developer to look at my account before and after chip purchase. They won't because they know. Sorry but two thumbs down for your misleading game disclosures.
  9. Rig ged and bogus
    If you like being screwed. I notice my reviews have been DELETED!! Oh me, oh MY. Seriously? Of course seriously. They are UNfavorable. Additionally.....from a previous post)...... EVEN THEIR "sponsors" have STOPPED giving free chips offers. Why you ask? Because this site is more and more and more full of poo-poo. People refuse to actually make a purchase because of their corrupt practices. Thus making the "once was" supporters of this site less likely to really support it. Used to be you could get free chips just by watching videos from the paying sponsors/advertisers. Not any more kids. They left like a retreating tidal wave. Check it out on "Google" or Bing. Read the horrible reviews for yourself. Don't be a dummy. Don't be duped. ************************************ Seriously? Have been, as the English say, "buggered". This bogus site favors noobs. "Noobs" refers to the newest players. The noobs will "win" (LOL) every time. Even with a pair of twos. Absolutely laughable. Their wish is of course that you'll purchase chips. It is a semi-fun game.....until you post a less than positive feedback for these yahoos. Factually, I've posted two more or less unfavorable responses. Each time I do that, my probability of winning decreases by 75%. Went from 2 million to ZERO in a matter of minutes. AND friends, suddenly and miraculously my prior reviews have been REMOVED. Hmmm....a bit strange, don't you agree?
  10. Fresh deck poker
    One of the best games I have played in along time. Plenty of bonus chips it's just pure fun & I can't quit playing. You must down load fresh deck poker!! You won't be sorry !! It's the best poker game on line !! I think playing with friends also making new friends
  11. Just great fun
    Love it. Constantly improving. Really big options. Action is incredible. Best poker online!
  12. Fun
    It's fun but I keep losing chips when I exit out before a sit and go start and it won't just put me back in the game it started. Especially if your buying chips this is unacceptable. Please fix on next update. Other than that it's great. Once it's fixed I'll put back my 5 stars
  13. Fresh D
    The more you have the higher the table you're placed, therefore the faster you lose. It's fun for a while.
  14. Fresh deck poker
    It's soooo awesome it's totally fun
  15. Mr
    Great game good past time. I enjoy the game however when I up dated the app I lost over three million chips and had to start over.
  16. Love it but Want my original ID #
    Love the game except I've been playing under a different I.D. # because the ID # i've had from the beginning of 2015 I can't seem to login with it and it really upsets me because my stats I worked hard for.
  17. Review
    Excellent - Enjoy playing your party poker.
  18. Hilarious!
    Died laughing when more than once one of my cards changed value in mid-hand. Coders outdid themselves in this app. ROFL!!! Edit/Response. You missed the point entirely. This is simply about bad coding, nothing to do with questioning your app's ethics. For example: since when do 2 pairs, Q/6, beat 3 Aces? Alternatively, pair of 3's beat two pairs, A/Q. This isn't the only review precisely addressing such irregularities. Basically, you have a coding problem, which will continue to be so for as long as you go off on a tangent defending what your are not being accused of. What you need to do is better QC of your code, rather than memorize some freaking certificate and regurgitate it out every time one of your coding glitches pop up. Also, another issue that your app misses, players with several profiles all sitting at the same table. WOW!!! I have sat at tables where one player has 5 profiles sitting at the same table. So, 5 spots is one player (seeing 5 hands, 15 cards , his 10 plus 5 community, 28.8% of the deck, at the same time, and basically passing chips from one profile to the other), and me and three other players just feeding this one guy chips, since that guy is looking at 15 of the 23 cards dealt at any given time. OMG!!! Where is your certificate of quality/fairness in all that mess? What are yo doing code-wise to restore player faith in your app? Alternatively, should we all get like 8 profiles, and sit at the same table?
  19. Awesome app!
    It's a must have for anyone that likes to play poker. I really enjoy this game.
  20. Perfect Poker
    The best poker app going. Great avatars, graphics, bonuses make the game realistic. After a while you recognize the different players, and the game becomes even better.


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