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  1. I can’t sign up!!
    I love that I can see the devotionals without having an account. But I would love to be able to make an account it allows me to enter all my info (email, password, and name) but it will not allow me to enter it because my keyboard doesn’t go away when I’m finished. Usually there is a button on they keyboard, or it will automatically go away. Fix this, and I’ll be one happy person!
  2. Used to be good but not so much anymore
    Every time I click on my saved bookmarks the app just freezes or kicks me out. I have literally tried 5+ times, and same result each time. The new ads I believe are to be the culprit. I hope these bugs are fixed so I don’t have to try a different devotion app. In the meantime, I’ll try sprinkle of Jesus until this is fixed.
  3. Amazing
    I love this app!!!!!! It helps me to know god and share scriptures with others. I recommend this 5 star app to everyone and anyone.
  4. Sign in.. or not
    I have been trying out this devotional app. But I still have yet to be able to sign in. It doesn’t allow me to see the sign in button after I start typing in my info. It’s very frustrating. I’ve had others ask me to send them this app if I like it and I can’t experience enough to say I do.
  5. Creepy advertisements
    I understand that this is a free app, but the advertisements are incredibly intrusive . I just deleted the app.
  6. Videos
    I have been using the Devotion app for more than a year now. I did not give the app a rating of 5 because in December 2017, video ads started playing once I started to read the morning devotion. Not only would the ad interrupt my devotional reading but the ad is really loud and disturbs other members of my household who are still sleeping. Would you please allow me to read the Word without commercials and ads? Thank you.
  7. Ads are annoying
    I used to really enjoy this app until the ads started appearing especially the gambling casino ones.
  8. Used to love
    I can’t stand the videos that pop up at an extremely loud volume. Still ads are fine, but I’m getting rid of the app because videos pop up every time I open it now.
  9. Great, but one issue
    Love the app, but I’m unable to create an account because my keyboard covers the Sign Up button that allows you to submit your information. I’d really like to bookmark my favorite messages. Any idea how I can get around this issue?
  10. Dave
    We used to enjoy your app much more prior to all the ads that take up time before the Devotion comes up let us pay a fee and get rid of the ads
  11. Whaaat?
    You claim the Bible was only translated in 3 languages? Try thousands of languages. The New Testament has been translated into over 1500 alone. Please convey true biblical fact to those wanting to learn God’s truth.
  12. iPad version is screwed up!
    First of all I HATE the forced landscape for iPads, haaaate it! Secondly the app doesn't even work anymore anyway for my iPad. It just shows the last devotion period, no others can be seen. I guess they don't care because it's been like this for a good while now. Oh and the ads are horrible!! I have a sleeping baby on me a lot of times and sometimes their stupid ads will pop up and have sound! Not cool with a sleeping baby!!!
  13. App loosing purpose
    The app used to be better. Now has daily adds. More importantly the scriptural information is not always correct. The writers intrepid views not on fact. Be weary of what you read. Those who have read the Bible will be able will be able to tell facts from fictions, but those that haven’t may be swayed by misled information. God Bless
  14. Silent Ads
    I use to love this app until one morning, I was greeted with a loud, blaring commercial. I usually do my devotion when I wake up. Also, I was at work and the loud commercial came on. If this continues I have no other choice than to delete the app. I don’t mind the ads, but not commercial ads.
  15. This Used to be a 5 Star App
    It’s frustrating because I’ve made donations to this app more than once from its infancy and now they have turned the really obnoxious ads back on. I used to read it morning and night, now I avoid opening the app because I know I’ll get slammed with long video ads. I’m seriously considering deleting he app after having it on my phone(s) for years...I’ve enjoyed the twice daily devotional passage for years, even when they repeat, but I feel like a monthly subscription to keep from wasting my time is getting greedy. If you asked for a donation to shut off the ads for a year, without specifying an amount, I think you would get more money. The threat of a monthly charge or $10/year for a devotional app makes me want to delete it from my phone.
  16. Constructive criticism
    This app is amazing! I've only came across one thing I disagree with and it was the wording of one of the Bible humor jokes... "Who was the most evil man in the Bible? Moses, he broke all the commandments at once." I feel like it would be more appropriately stated "Which Bible character sinned the most? Moses, he broke all the commandments at once!" Just a suggestion
  17. Praise God
    It’s very complicated to log and I have been sitting here for over 20 minutes trying to sign up so I could set up some bookmarks
  18. Charlene
    I have truly been bless by this app thank you so much I received GOD’S word every day and the humor is funny to me also thank you for Devotion Amen ✝️♥️
  19. Too many ads now
    Saturated with ads now. It’s just too much. It used to not be like that, it’s so noticeable it ruins the special moment I’m trying to have.
  20. Fix app
    You have the options of bookmarking and favoriting but your app seems so old it doesn’t you do it. Fix it so people can actually sign up.


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