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  1. Suggestion
    Absolutely enjoy playing this game. My sister and I play it all the time. We were wondering is there a way to make it so you can trade the extra game pieces? Either with friends or trade in for pieces we don’t have yet.
  2. Great game!
    Love playing, and really easy to do.
  3. Fun way to pass the time
    Just downloaded this and so far it’s been really fun. I’m surprised actually, the concept is really unique to me.
  4. Good game
    Amazing game really fun to play with friends or family
  5. Anyone else?
    I raved about this game in the first month of playing it. I loved the aspect of an online board game that wasn’t laggy or ad-infested. It has cute game pieces and cute themes and I hadn’t run into any problems until now. I was found myself on the train to another player’s board but it was taking longer than usual. 30 seconds turned into 3 minutes. 3 minutes turned into 5. Annoyed, I closed the game and found myself waiting for the game to load for more than 15 minutes. That had never happened before. Now I can’t even get onto the game through my Facebook account. I sent a message to their Facebook page but I can’t offer any other information such as my game ID nor can I submit a request to support as I can’t even get into the game.
  6. Fun but...
    It’s a very fun game, but it takes way to long to get more rolls. You have to wait an hour for 4 rolls which is way too long for way too little.
  7. Everything is great
    The game is great, it’s a lot of fun. It passes time while also being entertaining and graphically pleasing. I was enjoying the animations and the goals. I had gotten onto my second board, my real life competition was my husband who introduced me to the game. However today I was playing and I was in the middle of things so my phone had gone onto the lock screen. When I went to go back onto the game it said that it was having connection problems to try back later. I was at first unsure of how to get back to my board; luckily I had linked it with my Facebook. When I tried the last resort of deleting the app and reinstalling the app I was able to resign in with my Facebook to get back to my original account with my progress! I was happy to continue. I wish it had been a bit simpler, being that when the game loads there is a sign in option or tool bar some kind of settings menu that is provided as a default screen in the beginning at all times not just at the very first time when you start to play. That is my only negative remark, because well I always have odd things happen to my game accounts and that’s why I hardly play games. This is the first game I’ve played in nearly a year.
  8. New Monopoly
    I really like this game even though I've just gotten started. I got this new monopoly type of feel like it was just a better version of Monopoly because you went across a board and collected money every spot instead of after "GO", so yea, Monopoly 2.0.
  9. Meh
    The gameplay is fine it looks great but their is one little problem it’s one of those games where you either have to wait to continue playing it or you pay to continue playing these kinds of games piss me off so 4 outta 5
  10. Lost everything and no reward in pointless game
    I played this game to get a reward for another game I am playing. When I got to the required level 2 to get my reward I never got my reward. When I went back I had lost all progress and had to start all over. Game is pointless and a ripoff. Just roll dice and your guy moves around. Don’t spend $ or you might lose it when it resets the game on you.
  11. Was fun
    DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!! It’s fun and addicting and then you realize the game makers don’t give you want you’re owed, don’t respond when you ask them about it, and steal money from you. I played for over a year and have gotten to a very high level. Over 6000+ bunnies. Now it’s a joke. They hold contests to win things vital to the game, you do it exactly as they say, and they never produce. Don’t download. It’s a waste of time and money. Used to be fun though!
  12. Just one problem . . .
    This game is amazing, but there is one problem with it. I have the 3 bricks to get the new board, but when I hit OK, it does nothing. I do not know what is happening, so if this is happening to someone else, please rate it to say.
  13. New player
    I just started playing this game today. But, I really love the graphics and animation. It’s adorable and fun.
  14. So much fun!
    I just downloaded this game and I am already hooked! It’s a lot of fun and I love the cute characters in the game.
  15. Board kings
    I love this game so much! It’s so much to play with friends. I really enjoy it!
  16. So cute!
    This game is so cute and a lot of fun!
  17. God tier
    I started out with friends, I have none now
  18. Addictive game
    I look forward to playing this game every day. Nice
  19. This game is great!
    This game is awesome, but I think that you should incorporate a "mini game square". This is a square on the board in which triggers a random mini game. If you complete the mini game in a allotted period of time, then you get extra coins!
    I love this game. I’ve been playing for a long time. My board has a glitch right now and i lost 180 gems... the bricks didn’t appear for me to be able to move on to a new board so i spent the gems. Well now I’m stuck on that board and am out 180 gems. I hope this is fixed soon because all that is happening is people are stealing my money.


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