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  1. Shock5047
    Can't unlock levels with friends help. FIX THE BUG!! Everyone doesn't play with coins!!!
  2. Fun til
    Game was fun until I came upon a block aide. I needed 3 different friends to unlock, which I don't have any friends playing or coins to unlock. Not paying with coins. You should have a time limit like the other games for people that don't have friends playing. Deleted. Can go no further
  3. Jolly wings
    I really like this game. I liked it when it was called "parrot story" I played it on Facebook but played, very little. And I still like it now. Now I can play it all the time even on the go. Thanks for making this game mobile. To add to this..... Very nice graphics and it doesn't look or sound generic.
  4. Jolly wings
    Super fun, since candy crush I haven't played such a nice game
  5. Great Game
    I am really enjoying this game. It's very relaxing and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.
  6. Word Lover
    Was really enjoying the game..great graphics and fun for all level 36 I got locked out that I either had to buy coins it ask 3 Facebook friends for help...too soon to make a commitment..then I updated game and it unlocked after about 3 days.. Back on and enjoying it.. Great eye appeal, attraction and stimulation for younger an educator who likes to try games and recommend to parents interesting ones for children...I am impressed, except that would have been a block out for many children because parents don't allow them to make purchases...thanks for the game update with the improvement...l
  7. Fun Little Game
    So far I enjoy this one. Just started playing it.
  8. Jolly wing
    Great game I really like it so far no problems,try it you'll like it
  9. Fun
    Fun game. Gets challenging around level 28.
  10. Can't Get Pst Level 65
    I finished level 65 and can't get to level 66. Is anyone else having this problem? I click on the icon between level 65 and 66 and nothing happens.
  11. Cute but.......
    I enjoy playing this game and I decided to buy coins.....didn't get credited with coins but took my money!!! Shame on you Jolly Wings!!!!
  12. Jolly wings
    Fun game BUT be prepared to spend most of your time watching pitches for other games. Each ad takes 30 seconds. Not fun. I deleted this game.
  13. Things I know...
    I think I like rainbow things... It's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple...also the color of the bird from Jolly Wings, the animals, and also the floors of the apartment.
  14. If I knew I was going to be taken!!!!
    If I knew there wasn't anymore levels I wouldn't have bought anymore!!!!! I feel like I was taken from!!!! I want my money back!!!! Can you please give me my money back?!? It's not Fair!!!! When I bought items from y'all and then they aren't added as if y'all just steal from people!!! That is so WRONG!!!!!!
  15. Jolly, More Levels, Please!
    If I had more levels to play, I would have the all-time perfect game!


What`s new

• 35 new colourful levels added!
• Opportunity to earn coins and boosters for piece-of-cake tasks!
• Also some minor bugs have been fixed
• Download and enjoy new content!