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  1. Doesnt work for me
    Doesn't go past first screen on my iphone or ipad.. Hoping for a refund and an eventual fix
    It won't let me choose a ranger no matter what I press I can't continue
  3. Can't play either
    I try so hard to pick a ranger but I can't please help I really want to play this game
  4. Trash.
    I just bought this and it won't even get pass me picking a ranger. This is a scam
  5. fakness
    its fake app how i can send fake report i just pay 1 $
  6. DON'T BUY!!! RIP OFF!!!
    If you are using an iPad Air Do Not Buy it does not work. Don't waste your money. I'm deleting.
  7. Can't choose a ranger either
    I guess it gets deleted. Can't play.
  8. Awesome
    This game is pretty fun. Works great on my iPad 2!
  9. I expected more
    It's Temple Run with a new theme... Controls are really sticky making it harder to move. Awesome idea, just needs a little more work.
  10. It won't work
    It won't let me choose my ranger. Please fix so I can play, I was looking forward to this game.
  11. Awesome Game!!!
    This game is so cool and soo addicting. This makes temple run look like nothing
  12. Amazing
    Very nice mix of running and fighting games it's really fun!
  13. Love it BUT...
    The game is great! But I hate how the ads keep showing
  14. Good but
    It keep crashing and glitchy it still good
  15. Doesn't work right and opens app center
    Doesn't work right and opens other games and app center for you to buy something else.
  16. A paid app that don't work
    Paid app that don't work on I phone 5s. Can't get pass "choose Rangers screen" please fix.
  17. One of the worst apps!
    Every time I try to play the game it freezes and shuts off on my iPod touch 4g 8g
  18. Crashes
    It crashes every time i finish a race on my ipod4
  19. Instantly deleted
    Right after clicking tap to play a whole bunch of ads that you can't X out of show up good luck even trying to play this piece of crap
  20. Kids Love this game
    Different than other runner games. Kids love the flying suit feature. It is a bit tough for the kids. Wish they would make it a bit easier


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