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  1. Total cash grab don’t play
    I have been playing this game since before the developer change. Back then this game was balanced, fun even. Now it’s pay to play, you want to participate in events? Pay $100 to level up your fleet, you want to have the latest gear and ships? Another $100 it’s a total rip off and used to be fun. Kixeye, you ruined a great game. And I personally hope that you are never allowed to make a game again.
  2. Greed
    Greedy is what the developers became. I loved this game when it first came out a few years ago. I was addicted. It was all I ever did. Hours and hours went by. I made friends from all over the country playing this. However as time went on... Repair times loomed over me before each battle. Do I really want to risk a few minute skirmish with my best fleet, only to have them in repairs for days on end? Oh but with a monetary donation my repair time would be cut in half. Build times grew longer and if you had the $$$ you could be a winner with one of the best fleets in VEGA Conflict. So that’s what it became. Pay to be the best. No strategy at all. I am very disappointed. I would play more if the developers took a note or two from those who created Star Wars Commander. Short build times. Short to no repair times. And the money I spend there is reasonable for what I get. One hundred dollars for a single ship in VEGA? Really?
  3. Steam
    I added a steam account from my PC to this so I can manage on the go...but now everytime I try to sign says “you have lost the subbconnection...please reconnect” no matter if I try to be a guest or any makes me do Steam and it keeps disconnecting on it...Kixeye need to fix this...they won’t even look at our comments here so why put em...if I was a gaming company...I would at least listen to the reviews to make the game better...
  4. Vega conflict
    Guys i got a problem vega conflict won’t open still black screen once it starts loading please some help i have iphone 6
  5. Used to be fun; now pay to win
    I have been playing this game for nearly as long as it has been around; at one point about 3 years ago, I had lvl 56 fleets with a maxed out base without ever paying a dime. Then the developers started to get greedy. One day when I logged in, they upped the maximum base level. Suddenly all my fleets were batted down to the 40 lvl range, in addition to all being over-weighted for launching from the fleet bay. This was several years ago, and since then, it has become impossible to defeat any other player at my base level (now 58) without putting in any money. Most (if not all of the players) at my level have likely dropped money or must be on the game constantly and in one of the conglomerate alliances to be at this level. I used to play Game of War until it became so unbalanced that it was no longer fun, and I am sorry to say this is rapidly following suit. I can’t seem to get any of my fleets past level 53, and don’t even get me started on the daily and weekly events. If I am lucky I can maybe get one of the minimum available prizes on the sector tournaments (which have all the necessary things in the game for progressing further). It wouldn’t be such a problem if the developers would lower the prices (I’m sorry, $100 for whatever advanced flavor of the day ship is ridiculous), and stop making everything obsolete the following day. Don’t get me wrong, it is still fun, but just now, incredibly one sided. Not only for the higher level players, but the lower ones as well. If you are just entering the game, I would say don’t. Especially since all an advanced player has to do is rearrange their fleets so they are at a level that they can attack you without the worry of any retaliation (given that they are at a level beyond your reach). At some level, I think this is just typical of what happens with a game of this style. The developers and design become overwhelmed with the shear number of players, and as a result, changes are made. Unfortunately, those changes are not always advantageous to the individual looking for a free game. I do however think they could ask for a far more reasonable amount of money to progress through the game and not alter the game to the point where they are just exploiting the player to squeeze as much money out of them as they can. I am just far too invested in the game to leave (at least for now). To the developers credit, they are having a nice holiday give away right now (I did receive my first Dominion Carrier for free the other day), and they do have daily login challenges, but it is definitely geared toward those players with a deep wallet and a-lot of free time to kill. Anyhow, it is fun, but definitely isn’t like the old days. If you are new to the game I wouldn’t invest too much time or money into it until you can decide if it is actually worth your while.
  6. What an amazing way to view space
    I love the way this game has brought about both fun and entertainment through a fantastic game
  7. Best game ever.
    This game has so many things, and is the first game i found that allows you to not only see the battle, but control the ships. 5 stars
  8. Just short of a scam!
    This is a scam “play to advance”. Skills alone will not get you anywhere. They CONSTANTLY change rules and weapons etc so you have to pay more and more in order to advance in the game. It’s actually quite brilliant although morally and ethically bankrupt. I STRONGLY advise that you stay away. Unless you pay HUNDREDS of dollars with no end in sight youll just get frustrated and the game is designed to be sure you NEVER get an advantage without paying hundreds of bucks.
  9. Old favorite, died hard
    The basic concept and execution of this game is great. Unfortunately, the developer is turning it into a cash grab. Like playing one round, then waiting 1+ days till your stuff repairs? Great! Otherwise, it is a waste of time, especially once you reach mid levels. Pay, or you can’t play. And it isn’t a one time payment either. With whole clans do people spending hundreds of dollars a month, you’ll just be pounded into submission, or forced to start paying yourself.
  10. What an absolute garbage management team this game has
    3 years ago this was one of the best games I’ve played because it is cross platform between mobile and pc. You could have countless hours of fun, a great community and yes, it was expensive but sort of seamed worth it. Unfortunately for the last 2+ years, the developers have been systematically ruining the game. It takes months to build a single fleet (unless you spend hundreds of dollars), it can take days to repair higher end fleets after having a 3 minute battle (they essentially took piloting skill out of the game and made taking damage, aka repair time, aka coins, inevitable). Due to their inept management, players started leaving. At the beginning of the mass exodus, leaders within the community cried out asking them to stop what they were doing to the game and giving ideas for kixeye to implement that would save the game and keep people spending money. They didn’t listen. It has gotten so bad that they are now consolidating sectors because there aren’t enough players left for the whales to take advantage of. This is a terrible company and a terrible gaming experience. Stay away from this game and if you do decide to download it, do NOT spend any money as whatever you buy, will be obsolete within a few months.
  11. Loved this game until the developers got greedy.
    This game was great 3-5 years ago but has been ruined by the developers. It is pay to win in the worst way now. $100 bundles that give you tech which ends up out dated and weak within a month. Event fleets are insanely over powered despite their levels and if you are not spending $100 a week on the game you will not get ahead. It used to be a game where you could grind it out and still win top event prizes but now it's impossible if you aren't dropping money left and right. The user base is in drastic decline because of this and almost every active player has a lot of animosity towards the developers. If you are new, don't bother, if you have been playing for a while, don't bother. Wish it wasn't so, this had been a great game.
  12. Great content but focus on tuning and bug fixes
    Vega Conflict has been by far one of the most addictive games I’ve ever play but could really use some fixes and a style change. The games repair is by far to much just too much cause blueprints and crates take a lot of time and effort just for an item that may or may not change the gameplay. I am still yet to get a carrier which almost seems impossible because the drop rate is more like a very small chance to get any thing even if it green.The repair time wouldn’t be such an issue if the were reduced accordingly and let the fleets be bigger instead of the cap of 6 is should at least go up by one when you up grade the bridge. So once you hit a high level bridge the max is 9. The repair system is also messed up ,cause whenever I add more ships on its not really a set amount , it goes up by a percentage making a 5hr repair a 6. I saw from another players’s report he said it takes months just to assemble one fleet. A time cap should be made so it only take a week to make one time costly ship. Otherwise the game is is great but the content is hard to keep up with and with these changes hopefully it will level the playing field and lessen the burden for those who devote great amounts of time to your game.
  13. Pretty good game.
    It's kinda like a mix of Clash of Clans and Game of War if Game of War wasn't so boring and monotonous.
  14. Fun
    Great game. It is fun to play and challenging unlike other ripoffs.
  15. Game center
    Not syncing with Game center - update please.
  16. Game is on the decline
    With the continued lack of acknowledgement of ideas to make this game better and keep it growing from the once massive player community. This game keeps moving along on a course to continue losing players and the weeding out free to play players and only leaving paying players which are leaving in the masses also do to low-mid level player content. This game was awesome, very addictive and entertaining, however with 75% of the player base leaving over the last year due to the drastic changes in longer build, refit and repair times and the complete rebalancing of tier 1-6 ships effectively making them irrelevant in the game. I wish you luck if you chose to play this game.
  17. Could have been number one, soiled by greed.
    This was one of the best space strategy games I've ever played. It was also one of the best real time strategy games I've played as well. Building a space station, equipping your ships and designing your fleets, engaging in civil wars and the on going war with the VEGA Federation, it was awesome- near perfect. The developers, however, have no regard for the real players at all; only the coiners. The people who drop hundreds of dollars on coins, ships and technologies are the only ones who enjoy the game and Kixeye caters to only them. Players have realized this and have left the game entirely, like I am doing. The amount of players has dropped drastically because of how unfair the game is to the grinders. I haven't seen anyone participate in the civil war recently when, before, every sector was so full of players that my iPad crashed. People are abandoning the game and here are a few reasons why: 1. A three minute battle is followed by waiting 24 real life hours for your fleet to repair (unless you spend the real money to repair instantly). - The battles are fun! Once those three minutes are up, though, you're waiting a day to enjoy those three minutes again. 2. Events are spammed. - What used to be cool and special moments where I said, "A civil war?! No way!" have become "great, another one." An event occurs, and another one follows directly after, giving no one time to prepare or lick their wounds from the last. 3. Technologies are unique for a week before they become rewards in an event. - Imagine yourself grinding for months, maybe even a year or more, to finally earn that piece of technology or ship so you can demolish your enemies and wallow in their defeat, laughing. However, once you earn it, that exact tech/ship becomes a reward in an event where a coiner can get it within a couple hours. Your special piece of technology that you worked to get is now obsolete. You worked for nothing. You had to play for a year to find the several blueprints to then spend the insane amount of resources and time to actually make it while someone else won it because they destroyed a lot of fleets within the 24 hour time limit. It is not worth it and makes playing the game pointless. This could have been one of the greatest cross platform games. This had the potential to be the number one free game on the App Store like other real time strategy games have been. It still could be if the developers listened to their customers. Instead, they ignore reviews and they delete posts on forums saying the same as I have. Hopefully, one day, they can open their eyes, realize the wrong they've done, and fix the problems they've created. Do not download this game until the developers wake up.
    Ever since I got an iPhone with 3D Touch this game has acted retarded whether it comes to wanting to select a certain ship or refitting one or refitting a module. Just please the touch support is completely useless remove it for Christ sake
  19. Pretty good
    It’s great but it’s hard to get off the ground when you start
  20. Excellent, Immersive, but Involves Time
    Vega Conflict is beautiful, with excellent sound design, and a very cool and well organized UI. There is a lot to do in this game and it's all fun. Note this though, it takes time to level stuff up, and there's a lot of grinding, but it is great to finally find a SF game that is so highly crafted.


What`s new

- Master zone control using the Altairian Ajax, which provides support by reallocating fleet damage while regenerating its own shields. Debuts in SINGULARITY on December 5th with Cascade Missiles and Resolute Shields.
- Pharmakon Cargo & Supply targets
- Umbra Leviathan Dreadnought
- Deep Space improvements