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  1. Very addictive
    I like most any puzzle games,so I took a chance on this game. I was not disappointed!!! I play this game over most of my other games won't be disappointed!!! 10/12/17 -The game has been “loading“ for more than 15 hours. There is a bug in your new version. If I could get into the game I cannot play anything because the pencil flashes fast as well as the level that I am on will not open. Your help button does nothing, no help at all. Please fix soon as possible as I don’t want to lose all my jems nor my level of progress.
  2. Animation after win is super slow
    Worst part is the sloooooooow animation after you beat a level.
  3. 4 for Adult Fun
    Great fun when you just want a little break. I didn’t give it a five because there are graphic instructions for the boosts but no written explanation. Adults want to know what each bomb, etc really does.


What`s new

* Updated with more unique and challenging levels up to 1000.
* Improved Game Performance.