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  1. No no no no no
    Don't waste your money boring and over it in a minute!!!!!
  2. Nicely Done
    As a fan of Framed, Framed 2 is an excellent prequel that blends seamlessly with the original and moves the story along nicely. As with the first game, the puzzles are not impossible and, for the most part, are very clever. The plot twists keep you on your toes, just like a film noire movie is supposed to. Can't wait for the next offering from down under. Two thumbs up.
  3. Beautiful but short
    This game has possibly the most beautiful graphics I've ever seen. I don't usually write reviews but I had to put that out there. As a graphic designer myself, I'm very impressed at how much work was put into this. That being said, it is a bit short. It took me only about an hour to get through it. That's the only reason I put 4 stars (I wanted to rate it 4.5 stars but it doesn't let you use half stars). Of course, with it's stunning panels, it probably took months, if not years, to finish this. Which slightly makes up for the length of the game. But overall, it's a work of art. I look forward to the next one!
  4. Awesome
    I'm almost crying. The ending is so sad. Best game ever!
  5. Beautiful game, well designed
    I love this game! The developers didn't an excellent job of weaving the story and gameplay together. Such a beautiful, immersive world. My only criticism would be the length. It could be a touch longer for the price. That being said, I highly recommend both Framed 2 and it's predecessor.
  6. The game was a little short
    Although it was a bit short, I liked it. (Part number 3 please)
  7. Not enough levels
    It was fun while it lasted... I finished rather fast So if it had more levels i would have given it a full 5 stars. Fun but not worth the $5 due to lack of levels the game provides.
  8. Lame. Not a puzzle game. A guessing game
    The concept is fun. The artwork is great. But after a while the "puzzles" devolve into mere guessing games. Illogical and random unpredictable "solutions". I deleted it. Not worth the time.
  9. Great game - WAY TOO SHORT !! !
    some of the puzzles are very good but I couldn't believe it ended so abruptly. For the price, one should receive the same game but twice as long. Bummer !
  10. Great game
    I didn't feel like it was not worth 5 bucks. It kept me entertained for a while. I was sad at the ending . Nevertheless a great game.
  11. Really good story
    I like the graphics and music, but like the first one, it is short. I also think it shouldn't be offered for $5 and should be cheaper, even though it's a nice game. It has one of the best story plots I have ever seen, and has a very shocking but nice ending
  12. Awesome Sequel!
    This game was enjoyable and better than the first game. Thanks for all your hard work and development. The ending was a little sad though but it is a great game. Are there any plans for another game in the series? I will be waiting.
  13. uggh!
    Too short! This comment is longer than this sequel. *sigh*
  14. Not mute
    I don't understand why there is no control to turn off the music within the game. But if my phone is set to silent the game must follow this. I'm sure the Apple guidelines do not allow this.
  15. Nice game but a little short
    It's beautiful like its predecessor, it is a bit harder than original Framed. I like the story and it merges the Framed 2 to the beginning of the Framed 1 in the end but the story lacks in some cases I think, for instance the girl in original Framed poisoned the man who recruit him to assassinate the man with mustache in cafe. The ending is sad but story is totally beautiful. I wish there were a pause button to reorganize the frames. I'm looking forward for Framed 3, hope developers produce that.I also like the quality of Loveshack games, in past 3 or 4 years they introduced just 2 games with gorgeous quality. Hope part 3 doesn't take 3 years to become completed.
  16. Preferred the original Framed
    More frustrating and seemed shorter than the original
  17. It's really not very good. Sorry.
    I like indie games and sympathize with their makers. It makes me happy if an indie game becomes successful. That said, this one needs a lot of work in the concept department. Puzzles like this one become very boring and unsatisfying when they don't stick to strict logical rules. This game kind of forces you to accept its makers' random ideas on how the logic of the scenes is supposed to work. It becomes very frustrating quickly, because there are no clear rules about how the mechanics operate. The same move that creates one outcome once, leads to a completely different one at other times, based only on what "they" need. The idea of swopping out the frames of a comic strip to change its outcome is brilliant. But you're forced to rely on trial and error endlessly, until you happen upon the solution the game wants from you. It's hard, often impossible, to memorize what happens in many of the frames. Often, the frames, before you hit the play button, are too similar and are difficult or impossible to tell apart. Success, when it finally comes, doesn't give you the satisfaction of having figured it out, it just confirms that you finally followed the idiosyncratic rules of the game and its makers.
  18. Glitch?
    I think there's a glitch on level 16. The characters disappeared 4 or 5 cards in and I can't progress. I'm currently running the latest version 10.3.2 on my iPad. Restarting it did not fix the problem.
    They fixed all the problems in the first one! This game is AWESOME!
  20. As great as the first
    Really genius game, unlike any other games out there. Only complaint is the same I had with the first - I wish it were longer.


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