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  1. Coin problem
    This is a very good game BUT I repeat BUT the only problem is the coins like 1 coin every 6 min really please change this or loose a valuable contestant From me and the family feud players. Xo
  2. Just like tv
    I love playing against my friends is so much fun it keeps your mind active and you laugh at your own answers sometimes...
  3. Need more coins
    Takes an eternity to gain coins and when you try to earn free coins in the shop, you sign up for 15 things and NEVER get your coins. What a joke and waste of time
  4. Wait what
    The game will not open. It has no sound.
  5. Playing to lose
    Everyone just googles the answers and you could never win unless you do the same takes the fun out of the game
  6. Free fun
    Good way to unwind. I have free version. Sometimes it takes a long time to load. I wish there was a way to save coins you've earned when you log off.
  7. Major updates needed!!
    There needs to be a way to get more coins because spending 30 for one game & 50 for a tournament but only earning 1 every 5 minutes makes no sense. Also the mPOINTS never loads when you click to collect your achievements, the circle constantly spins and never goes anywhere. I have about 15 or so achievements to collect and can't because of this. I love Family Feud and was excited to play this game, but it turns out to be a complete disappointment. Developers need to do some MAJOR updates!
  8. Name something you would mark on a box fragile
    I wrote glass but I got credit for 6 points under wine bottles but glasses was #1. Or name something people regret getting I wrote wive nothing but getting married isn't the same thing?????????? I remember why I deleted this app before
  9. Great Game
    I really Njoy this game. Real deal
  10. Doesn't give enough time to TYPE!!!
    I have only played three games so far, but have had irritating problems with it giving you the question as the timer starts, so I don't have enough time to type my answer before getting the first strike! In the real game on TV, the timer doesn't start until he is finished reading the question to the first player, but not on this game! Also, the typing board doesn't pick up my letters nearly as well as my regular keyboard, so by the time I back up to fix errors, again, the timer runs out and another strike! Other than that problem, I like the game so far and enjoy playing against family members through FB connections.
  11. Fun, if you pay
    The game is fun if you're willing to pay 99 cents to play every round. Not worth it in opinion. Deleted the app after 48 hours.
  12. Trash
    This game is so phony. The answers make no sense. What 8 people pour milk on their food ?? Why is cooking a chore? We that lazy now? Whoever created the answers AND the questions for this game should be fired immediately. Throw the whole app away.
  13. 5 stars
    Love this game keep the mind sharp
  14. Fun
    I love the tv show and this seems fun to play
  15. Scam
    You would think this app would be more prestigious being based off the famous tv show. You must buy coins if you'd like to play longer than three rounds, you earn points which are useless, you earn rewards you can't claim... needless to say this app is nothing but a way to get consumer information to sell ads. NOT WORTH DOWNLOADING!
  16. Aggravatinggggggg
    Some FB friends don't show up in the search.
  17. Horrible
    I think this app is horrible because you have to have internet for everything and even if you do have internet it still doesn't work don't get it
  18. Thieves
    Tricked me into to paying for something I didn't want the first time I played. Beware! Deleted. Thanks for playing.
  19. Fun! Moderately fair. (Free coin scams beware!)
    Fun game despite some unfair play as a guest. Especially concerning tournaments.BEWARE: the free coins offered per marketing scheme are just that... a marketing scheme that will have you regretting clicking on them for years to come. Takes 20-60 min to get through all the marketing bs (pushes you from site to site to site) before you even think that you might be close to that button saying "click here to earn the 1000+ 2000+ 3000+ points they promised. The "end" with a button aka. way to claim your supposed earned points DO NOT EXIST. It's a spam nightmare. Dont enter any information or think they you'll actually ever receive what the ad promotes.
  20. Cheating
    The tournaments aren't great. I've noticed questions that are duplicated , the answers are switched around for example. One time it asked what do you associate with Ancient Egypt, first time I said pyramids, it was only 9 points. The second time that question came, I put mummies and the other 'person' put pyramids, and mummies was 9 and pyramids was 52. Also, some of the answers on this game are so similar you would assume theyd be grouped by similarities. Like school and college, but they're not. Some of the questions are repeated and have totally different answers. It gets boring to get the same questions, but switching up the answers all the time is more annoying. This game cheats, honestly its fun, but it needs a lot of work. Deleting for now.


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