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  1. FUN
    Very addictive. My cat loves it too.
  2. Used to love the game.
    I loved this game, quickly became my favorite out of the King series. However, after the update and linking it to my King account, all my hard earned rewards (sparkling blasts and bolts) disappeared! Very disappointing.
  3. Amazing game to play in your free time!
    It is awesome because it is easy to play and it doesn't glitch. It has a few pop up advertisements compared to other games. You can pause it whenever you need and you don't lose a life. Easy to play. Great for adults and children.
  4. Just hit level 200! I LOVE this game!
  5. Great Fun!
    Best version of the game yet! Love the mini challenges and screen options!
  6. Love this
    I'm loving this game it's so much fun compare to the other one
  7. Fun times
    I love this game. My kids love it. My son is learning colors playing this game
  8. Totes magical!
    This game so on fleek! Mucho fresh levels and dope challenges. I quit my job!!!!
  9. Crash on iPhone!
    Since a recent update, this program crashes after opening on my iPhone 7. It works fine on my iPad but just stalls on my phone.
  10. Poor customer care
    Althu i love this company games but they don't really provide any help if the game got crashed. They even dont respond back to you and only send auto emails. This will make me delete all their games and avoid downloading any game owned by them
  11. Addicting fun
    A great game that doesn't require going broke!
  12. Review! BubbleWitch3
    I really enjoy the fact that the aim is 100 percent better, as well as the extras Erie, etc all. I enjoy designing my home and surrounding property, as well as sharing photos with friends. It is the best game on Facebook.
  13. Fun!
    Good game with consistent updates to levels❤️
  14. Number 3
    Bubble which three is awesome... keeps you playing for hours!!
  15. Bubble fun!
    Fun game to while away the time
  16. Very addictive
    I've never had problems with my game I love it.
  17. Ok
    Game is fun but in game prices are to high. Will play it as free version. Update. At least you can earn some of the items you have to normally buy. Nice new levels.
  18. Crashes right when I'm about to win
    I've been playing this a long time and it worked great until the latest update. Now it won't play on my iPad and keeps crashing right when I'm in the middle of a game or about to win. Disappointing. Will probably have to delete since it's so maddening. Pisses me off really.
  19. The game is fun
    I like the game though I think the number of bubbles needed to complete a challenge is a bit high.
  20. Great game to play
    Crystal Ronk
    Great game to play at all ages.


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“Someday I will travel around the world and visit amazing places!" – Stella once wrote in her diary. And now, as if at the wave of a magic wand, she’s been on a journey through Lost Landscapes, seen the Crystal Castle and wandered through Sharp Shapes fighting evil! Sometimes all you have to do is say exactly what you wish for out loud!