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  1. Too much cheating...
    I get totally lost when I play this game! It's so much fun! I only have one problem. You get 100% of the blocks cleared and only get 2 stars. Too much cheating going on !
  2. Not so great anymore
    I would have given it 5 stars about 6 months ago, but I have been on the same level for about 5 or 6 months now and can’t get past it even with boosters! Hard level, let’s say impossible level is more like it!
  3. Fun and challenging game
    I really enjoy playing this game and like the personal competitions that are played against others. Sometimes it gets a little too challenging--I have been stuck on some levels two weeks and that gets frustrating.
  4. Great game!
    Love the challenge of this game. Keep the levels coming!
  5. Slow
    My android and desk top stay current together on levels but my iPad is two levels below. It never catches up.
  6. Excellent game for those looking for a challenge
    I love this game. The 100% boards really test your logic and reasoning skills. It is also very addicting to play so beware before you start playing.
  7. Fun game
    Having fun with this, in the 500's
  8. Love this game!
    So much fun! Very challenging at times but lots of fun to play! Lives restore very quickly ❤️
  9. Love this game!!!!
    I love the game... I like the and the best they r my favorite... I recommend buying this game, it's fun, free and cute game. It's hard at times but still fun!my review I wrote was taking forever to load... uhhh... internet!
  10. Great little game
    Pet Rescue is a very fun game for the entire family! Enjoy playing!
  11. Great game
    Great rewards, love gaining the metallic pets to win the reward that helps pass a level.
  12. Addictive and Fun!
    I've enjoyed playing this game for years!
  13. Great
    Great. So many levels. Some reorient themselves just with a small change but other than that great
  14. Absolutely best game ever
    This is Absolutely best game ever, very addicting.
  15. It's a great game
    It's very fun, cute and challenging sometimes... the animals are cute I like the little and the... best! I give it 5 stars for this game. Great game
  16. Love this game
    Love this game. Love how a life is given in 5 minutes
  17. I love it
    This game helps to relax myself. I really enjoy playing it. Thank you king games. You're awesome!
  18. Wow open my eyes! Love it
    Catchy last block I couldn't see for quite awhile!! Sneaky....drives me crazy but love it!!
  19. Muy entretenido!!!
    Me encanta este juego. Así de simple
  20. Exciting
    Fun game keeps you playing for hours


What`s new

Keep the adventures with this awesome pets and have a good time around the circus. Did you try already the ferris wheel? :D It includes:

-A brand new episode, 'Strong Pets '! With these NEW LEVELS, there are now more than 2900 levels of fun for you to enjoy :)
-More missions, challenges, and surprises!