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  1. Lol at the original
    This game is good, if you love diner dash and spongebob then this is for you...and better yet it's about 10x yep I said it 10x hassle and stress free than the original ones, I had some trouble on a few levels but all in all good game....stay away from the original diner dashes in the App have been warned
  2. VERY FUN!!!
    This app is super fun!! If you buy this app, make sure you have time to play it because ADDICTIVE!! Happy that they gave us Atlantis!
  3. Fix auto-seating
    It is impossible to complete seat-matching challenges. Other than that, love the game.
  4. Awesome Game!
    This is an awesome game to play and the music is neat too. The things that need to be fixed are the spongebob challenges, because of the auto seating feature. Also it would be neat to turn the auto seating on or off and choose which music you would like to hear.
  5. I love it but i think i caught a bug
    I love this app so much. Yet when I reached jellyfish fields well the end of it i think it started glitching. The first glitch is when the costumers were coming in all at once. The second glitch was when as soon as they sat down they finished reading the menu or they want a chip ( i think its a chip) and the customers get angry faster the glitches.
  6. Addicting!
    I used to play the original Dinner Dash on the computer a long time ago, and I saw an add to the Spongebob one pop up when I finished a level, but I never got around to checking it out. Now I've got it on my iPad and I can't stop playing! I love all the dinners and the challenges, as well as the great graphics. I think that play First should team up with MGM and make an All Dogs Go To Heaven Dinner Dash! The first level could be at the Flea Bite Cafe and the other levels could be at the bars shown through out the series, and maybe even a dinner in heaven! That would be interesting!
  7. Not bad!
    Hello guys! It's me here. I have commented on some other games. This is an amazing game! I mostly give a 5 star rating! I love the game and it is so addicting! I see no bugs or anything wrong. I love the game and please do not say anything bad about the game. I think it is very fun! Bye!
  8. Fix the color change all seats
    It would be nice if you could move the fish around so you can complete challenges. Turn all seats impossible. Fix this. In dinner dash regular you can change people around but not in spongebob. Feeling very irritated by this.
  9. Blurry
    The dish cart is looking a little blurry, but the rest of it looks fine
    Don't get it, they just released an update for 'minor bug fixes'.....but STILL can't turn every bar seat to green on Level 10 of Anchors Away OR every seat to red on a 4 seat table OR every bar seat to red on Jellyfish Fields! Why have these as challenges if they are unattainable? This is due to the auto arrange feature. Fix it, along with the fact there are no Cupids in Glove World...another unattainable challenge.
  11. Bugs
    says on some alerts flo needs your help! come back and play diner dash today and its supposed to say spongebob needs your help! come back and play diner dash today instead because spongebob replaces flo in spongebob diner dash
  12. Fixes need fixing
    I loved the game before but a couple of fixes ago we lost the ability to restart a new game once you complete it and would be nice to have multiple users be able to play their own game. Also, and lost the ability to select which seat the customers sit in which makes color match challenges a pain and the one where you turn all the bar seats green impossible.
  13. Auto seating needs to be changed to an option
    This is a great game, well put together and fun to play. The auto seating is a wonderful addition making the game more enjoyable but spongebobs challenges were made before the auto seating feature and some of them are now unattainable. I very simple fix for this would be to make it an option to use auto seating or to do it manually, then it could be disabled for certain challenges and those wouldn't need to be redone. If this is done I would give the game 5 stars thank you
  14. its ok
    did up date try to re store clam casino. did not work. lost$0.99.
  15. Spongebob Diner Dash troubles
    Game is awesome I just have one small problem which is the spongebob challenge in atlantis level 2. It says "do not carry any dishes to the dumbwaiter" any idea on how I can pass that? If so please write a review on it. Otherwise I'm in love with the game
  16. Can't play endless shift
    Won't do anything when I click the button. Other than that, great game, but please fix this glitch. I unlocked it, I wanna play it! :)
  17. Fish are so impatient
    I like the game but the fish are so impatient.Here are some examples .They got mad at me when I was helping other customers,their food wasn't ready yet and when there food was out for 1 second.Fix this and maybe I'll rate 5 stars.
  18. Love it
    I love this game i beat every level in only one two weeks. Is there any chance that you you guys would add more restaurants cause I've completed them all
  19. One problem
    I ❤❤❤ this game, I have the computer version and its great also. The one problem is that when I quit out of it and I go back, it's bring me back to level three! I was on the second restaurant and I checked it later and I was on level three again! It keeps happening and it's frustrating and annoying. Please fix that problem. Otherwise, this is one of my favorite apps!
  20. Uhh
    I hate the new look I haven't played this game in 4 months and now the game looks totally different, any way I can get the old look back??


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