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  1. Spongebob diner
    I can no longer be lay this game it needs an update please and thank you
  2. Update!!!
    Please update this app. I paid money for and everything. I don't want my money to go to waste. Please update it iOS 11.
  3. Can’t update
    Can’t use this game I’ve paid for because it’s not compatible with iOS 11!!!! Help
  4. iOS 11 update
    Paid for the game but can’t play now..developers need update ASAP or refund my $$
  5. What a great game!
    My little brother said that this is a good game,I tried it myself and liked it as well,this game is for all ages, at least I think.
  6. Alright
    This game is pretty good but after the first seven levels of the first section it makes you pay for the rest of the sections! I recommend just playing the levels it lets you do and then deleting the game. That's what I did
  7. Not even updated
    There are maps that say coming soon
  8. fun
    sometimes the table is too close to the dish thing and it gets hard to get rid of dishes
  9. It's a little hard but you might like
    If you like challenge this is the game for you, but if you want relax and play a game without pressure, I suggest this isn't the right game
  10. Just no):
    When. I. First got the app it said to pay and I did not pay.!!!!!!!!'
  11. Love it so much thank you
    I love this game so much I brought back so many child memories
  12. Great but I don't like the paying
    I love the game but it's just when I get to the last level it makes me pay for more restaurants.can't we have at least one without paying?
  13. No
    Must pay to play after the first 5 levels. Uncool.
  14. Love this cute game!
    Although you do have to pay money to play the whole thing, it is still a wonderful game!
  15. Always loved diner dash
    Love this even more!! My daughter is able to play now! We have so much fun! However I Purchased the game upgrades on a previous phone. I Upgraded my phone and can't get the upgrades to come back. How do I link it without paying again so we can get the levels back?
  16. So cool but gets hard
    Fun and very cool . ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️. I am in love with this game . l hope you get this. Got very angry after awhile. But got over it. Love it now!
  17. OKAY
    so this was my favorite app ever until I ran into a little problem. But it wasn't a surprise considering that's what every app does. When u get the app it's free and that's when it pulls people in. I don't like that after one one thing it makes you pay for it! I am deleting this app because it has no more use for me and a lot of other people! I hope ur happy that everyone is deleting this because not everyone is rich and can pay for things like this. Can't the App Store have one game where you don't have to start paying in the middle of the game. Never downloading a app from this person again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Not too good
    Very fun at first, challenging but goes away a little too fast. You only have 7 levels until you have to buy it in app. Which isn't that fun and will get boring very quickly.
  19. Sb dash
    I have to delete this game because of the stupid game the upgrade that cost money THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING
  20. You have to pay for the full game
    I was pretty happy when I found this game. And I was even happier when I began to play. But I began to have suspicions of me having to PAY for the full game. And guess what? I was right. Two stars.


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