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  1. OKayyyy..!!
    The game is awesome and addicting except for the fact that it keeps shutting down on me and giving me an error message. Very annoying that needs to be checked asap..!! Otherwise great game..!!
  2. Good game
    Good game so far only have the first two games so still Savin up the coins for more of them
  3. Great game!
    Love this game, the variety of the games, & the bit of a challenge such as with Cities & Countries. Keep up the great work!
  4. Ok
    Eh just ok so far but I just started playing it. The city names is a bit ridiculous but we will see how this goes.
  5. Fun, but costs
    Free to download, but opening new games and levels requires coins in the game. These coins are too hard to get. Especially because if you don't want to wait 15 minutes between games you have to pay coins. However, the actual games (once you can open them) are lots of fun and creative.
  6. Loooove it
    So much fun and still challenging!!!! I LOVE THE CITY one!!!!!
  7. Slow start
    Fun games but I don't like that u have to wait 15 min to play again and that it costs so much to unlock more games!
  8. Too hard to get coins!
    Love this game but all my progress got deleted and its too hard to do it all again:(
  9. Fun
    Pleasant way to pass the time. Works well.
  10. Okay
    Fun but the 15 minutes in between games stinks also purchasing each game makes it not fun.
  11. Fun
    Creative, smart and educational. I suggest unlocking some levels as rewards for the player.
  12. Good variety
    Fun games with good variety. A bit slow and has to be restarted often. I don't like being locked out of the games for 15 minutes. What's the deal with that?! Overall, it's ok.
  13. Fun game
    It's a fun game to play. Lots of choices and you have to earn coins to buy more games to play.
  14. Word games is R.A.D.
    Is fun & challenging it really challenges the brain :) also if you could please add more games to it ....
  15. Rating
    I would like it to not be so long for the fifteen mins maybe like ten mins would be nice.
  16. It's alright
    Don't like the time limit until you can play again
  17. Like it
    It's a fun app with lots of games in it. The only problem is that you need a lot of coins to unlock each game.
  18. more points
    Needs to start off with more points and you shouldn't have to spend points instead, let you try them all
  19. Pretty good
    I just got the game it's fun so far but I don't like how u can only play a certain game once then u have to wait like 15 min
  20. New player
    I just recently downloaded this game, still getting used of it. But it is really fun and addicting.


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