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  1. Happy chef
    Not too bad. Wish I didn't have to pay for other restaurants though. It would be nice. Tired of games wanting money. But this is fun.
  2. IDK
    It's s good game but it's glitchy and kicks me out. A lot also needs to of updates all the time. I don't recommend this game
  3. Chihuahua lover
    I absolutely love this game! It's challenging without being impossible. You don't have to make a bunch of purchases in order to upgrade, unlike some other games.
  4. IOS 11
    Yes im TRYING to play. No it won’t let me. Please update
  5. Jackie57
    So far so good! Just started the game.
  6. Fun!!
    Graphics could use an upgrade but overall a fun game!!
  7. Awesome
    Love I don't need a wait time
  8. Best game
    This is so fun and addicting , one of the best cooking games for sure LOVEE IT
  9. Rlly great game
    Rlly fun to ply.. Keeps you on your toes wen you think you've gotten it down pack with a rhythm..
  10. The game is fun
    I've only played for a short time but I enjoyed playing the game.
  11. Super fun!
    Addicting and fun the levels get really challenging!
  12. Great time management game
    Awesome for passing time and self explanatory
  13. Fun and easy
    Game is a stress reliever for me
  14. Good Game!
    Loving The Graphics , And Stuff Is Afforadable!
  15. Love this game
    Definitely better than other cooking games and doesn't require wifi
  16. Great game
    This is a great game for passing the time. Very addicting.
  17. Love It, Great Time Killer Too
    I play this and Cooking Fever all the time on my tablet, it keeps my sharp and it's really fun and competitive
  18. FUN!!!
    This game is so much fun!!! I can't stop playing it. My sister showed it to me and I'm glad she did.
  19. So fun!
    I play tons of cooking games and this is one of my favorites
  20. Good game
    When I was little I found the app on my old tablet and loved it but I forgot about it and saw it at the App Store and I play it all the time!


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