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  1. Best Game Ever
    It's a simple game but fun at the same time
  2. Overall Gameplay 5s
    This Game is very enjoyable and fun to play, but it lacks variety in the amount of Cars useable in the Game. It also needs additional Maps to play on instead if just two. The cars should also have more work put into the destruction physics, it lacks any REAL destruction such as breakable parts and the such. Overall it earns the right to have ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  3. Add More stuff
    Really i have fun with this game. i just want to say i want to paint my car and add some kind of lambirghini gallardo in the game. oh and tune up my car. if this can happen, that will be great.
  4. Crashes
    I press any map, and it crashed, and not in the car way, in the sucky, say "goodbye" kind of way. I own an IPhone 4S, it's version is iOS 8.2. I really wanna play this game. Please fix this soon. (FYI, I can't update my iOS. My mom says I can't)
  5. It is trash
    This game might be good if it actually worked. Cant even choose a map without the game crashing or glitching my device.
  6. Fun game
    It needs better control of the car and more destruction. Also more cars and more locations.
    Before the previous update, the game was really good, but now there is explosive barrels EVERYWHERE. Before I could do rollovers but now i can't... Please remove them.
  8. Please read and add
    Hey good game just needs some stuff ... 1st it needs more DESTRUCTION The game is meant for destruction well make it like real life it bends twist and stuff like that. 2nd make it so we can drive around it gets boring not being able to drive around. 3rd add more maps and cars please it gets boring using the same ones. Overall it's a good game just add the things please.
  9. Suggestion!! Read!!
    This app is sooooo awesome! Me and my friend laugh out loud with all the fun glitches and cool cars and awesome updates! This is such a cool app but add more maps! Add controlling the cars! Add more hilarious glitches if possible!!! Don't patch them! There so cool! This isn't one of the most top apps but it's one of the best and coolest for me! Sounds weird but I'm honest! Love this game and keep updating this app!!!!
  10. Awesome
    A very a addicting game I would like To see more cars in the future like the Ferrari Spider 458
  11. slender man simulator
    Your games are awesome and friend came up with the idea of an slender simulator and its sounds fun☺️☺️☺️
  12. Plz make the cars body more flimsy!!!!!
    I like the game but when the car crashes there one dent on it so plz make the cars more flimsy!!!!!
  13. Meh,
    The graphics are ok, I guess, but it's just so... Empty. It's nice you added a new car but It would be really good if you could control the car and there could be other cars driving around, bUt you need to work on the graphics.
  14. Awesome
    This game is past amazing I just wish it had more vehicles like an open wheel stock car or a semi. It could also use more maps better crash damage (not saying it's bad now) bigger maps and that's about it. If you could do some of this I'd be thankful and an even happier gamer. It could also have cars that can lose wheels. Thanks
  15. It crashed
    I cannot play because there is so much lag that it kicks me off every time
  16. Amazing
    This is a really great game but you could make it so you can make your own crash area. You could make more cars like a tow truck pulling a car, a tractor trailer, a tractor, a sports car, a tank, a motorcycle, a golf cart, a dragster, and a few more cars.
  17. Cars
    U just need new car and faster cars
  18. One must needed thing.
    I love this game and it is really fun and i love that you added a new car, please keep it up. One thing i would love is if you could make it stay on the car for a bit longer following it with the camera or make a reset button so if it keeps going you can keep watching. :)
  19. Terrible just terrible
    Really bad. If ur looking for a car crashing game , don't choose this one. I'm being honest. ITS TERRIBLE!!!
  20. Worst. Game. Ever.
    This is probly the WORST car crashing game I've seen in my life. Graphics are terrible, the controls are impossible and the car dosent crash. It just bounces around. Unity would be ashamed


What`s new

- Added New Free Ride Level
- Added ability to turn after launching car
- Added New Cars to Crash