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  1. Let's see what GOD has in store
    Prayfully something life changing happens to me like 5k a week for life as long as I've been here.
  2. The app is not created well or must have a glitch
    Every time I download and open the app, it crashes and forces me back to the home screen. How can someone win if they cannot even participate?
  3. Fun so far
    Would love to win but it's like the powerball. It is nice to dream but don't see it happening unfortunately.
  4. Fun
    I love playing the games and getting extra entries now if I can win some money that would be awesome
  5. Pch
    I love playing and I pray I win best ape ever ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Good App!
    Win cool prizes and trade coins for actual money!
  7. It's all, let's call it... poop
    The app freezes constantly, some of the games can be fun but not with all of the ads you have to go through. Also, for anyone who is buying things to increase your odds the disclaimers all tell you that is not required nor will it better your chances of winning.. so at least they do not mislead you on that score.
  8. Winners way to go
    Awesome capabilities and graphics on your PCH App. Been with you guys since 2015 and it's been an amazing experience!
  9. A waste of time
    I have been playing for 6 months and all you win is tokens. The ads are annoying and sometimes are 30 seconds long.
  10. Ripped off
    It doesn’t even deserve a rating of a single star Sincerely John Ivanoff. PS. I’m sorry I had to pick at least one star before I could submit this ok here is one star I didn’t want you too get. Now I’ll try and send again...
  11. Pch context
    My name is Mary Herrera I never ever ever win anything I keep playing playing and nothing ever happens,so why keep so u guys keep putting hopes on people. I want to pay my bills and try to a nice car.
  12. Pch
    I’ve never won anything either about ready to forget it.
  13. Seriously Though People?
    What is wrong with most of the people that are writing these reviews?? You do really it's called a sweepstakes??? You have a better chance of getting bitten by a Shark and then your ambulance getting into a car accident on the way to the hospital then winning the 5000 a week for life. It's a 1-150,000,00 read the small print. Duh but besides that it's fun to play and and if I win eventually yayy great but I am having fun either way!
  14. Not credible!
    I think they s sweepstakes is a farce. I never see a winner and I’ve been playing for years and never gotten anything.
  15. PCH if Great !!!!
    I love this it's so fun and we have the chance to win!!! So exciting
  16. Who wins ?
    I would love to know who wins this stuff it’s crazy
  17. App crashes won’t even open
    It makes the entire screen go white when I click on the app then stays for a few seconds and crashes. Won’t open won’t go anywhere.
  18. Time consuming so whatever
    I have only ever seen the commercials and that's about it so when I comes to this app I'm just killing time and hopefully I win
  19. Review. Typical. Never actually win money
    It's just what you would expect. Do not actually win money. Seems totally rigged. Disappointing
  20. Horrible App
    There is nothing different than what Everyone else is saying about the black and green screens, having to close out the app altogether, and taking FOREVER to load. I too have been playing for years (over 10 years), but I have been getting mail from them since I was in my 20’s, I am now 50 and I have NEVER won anything. At first I thought it was my phone, then figured out that it’s just a sucky app. And i am just about done with PCH altogether‼️


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