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  1. I love this game
    The warning was right! This game is addictive! The frog is adorable
  2. The game is boring
    The game gets very boring after u r stuck on a level and then u want your money back but it is a great game
  3. Frog lover
    This game is totally awesome!!!!!!!! I love it and my family loves it too! It is just so great! There are still some things that I would change…
  4. Need New Levels
    I love this game. But I am so ready for some new levels. Need new levels ASAP....Please
  5. Amazing!!!!!!
    It's a fun way to pass time. The levels are challenging but not too challenging. I really love this game. Try it when you are bored over the summer or go on a road trip.
  6. Awesome Game! #1
    I would definitely recommend this app to a friend because it is so fun and it challenges you. My favorite game is probably "Paint the frog."
  7. Update
    You guys should make an opstical corse for the frog
  8. This awesome game
    This is a fun awesome game that I think everyone will like I love and other people will too
  9. Woohoo frogs!!
    This game never gets old! I love challenging my friends!
  10. Mejor que POU
    Muy buen juego, la verdad, este juego deberia ser mucho mas popular que el famoso POU, aunque respeto a quien guste jugar POU
  11. Tap The Frog
    Love the game, really challenging and exciting plus my 2yr old loved to play too
  12. Great
    This is great game to play because it should you in different ways that you can tap on the frog
  13. Tap the frog game
    I like this game it gives my brain a good work out!!!
  14. Bad
    Made my whole phone freeze up. Couldn't even turn my phone off. Deleted
  15. ❤Tap the frog
    It's a great game keep adding on! I love all the great levels!
  16. Super fun game!
    This game is super fun! Love it! It's really challenging though. You really need to lower the amount of points needed for each game. But over all, this is an awesome game!
  17. Favorite game
    Hands down my favorite game! It has cute graphics and the individual levels are addicting. Some levels are more challenging than others. Great game.
  18. Cool but not working
    On my tap the frog it won't work when ever I tap on things like pop the frog it lets me tap like one and then it won't let me tap the other ones
  19. Love it
    Love the game but more should be added I finished the game quickly. Add more
  20. Addicting
    This game is so cool and addicting! I don't know who invented tap the frog but I have knot stopped playing it yet! Thank you for such a fun game! ; )


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