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  1. Great game here are some suggestions
    First of all I like the game it's great for passing the time or relaxing before bed. 1: add in a crafting GUI to make better weapons/gear /or/ raise the enchant lvl cap 2: Add a multiplayer function for large RAIDS that would introduce a new loot table. 3: add cloud back up and storage for those with multiple devices. 4: possible the opportunity to prestige for added buffs. 5: some of the bosses are a more than a bit unbalanced. Pls fix that. 6: have a function to sell multiple items at once.
  2. Please fix it!!!
    My brother has this game and it looks like a blast! So I really want to play it but the create button isn't working! I see that I am not the only one having this problem! So please fix it! Thx
  3. Fix plzz
    I can't press create so I can't play. Plzz fix
  4. Great game
    It is better than the first one and I loved the first one
  5. Does not work.
    This game plays fine but menus are extremely buggy, as if it wasn't made to fit the iPhone 6 screen.
  6. Awesome game
    Wonderful experience would be great if there were more levels and more weapons for each class. Hopefully an update will soon be here.
  7. Adventure!
    This game is so fun and addicting
  8. Awesome game ... But
    The game is awesome and very addicting but there have been no updates to date, while androids has. Pls update the new level on ios, until then the game Is dead ...
  9. Release new levels plz!!!
    It's been about 2 month and still no update.. At lvl 120 .. And would like more levels
  10. Create don't work
    My friend has this game and it looks awesome but It doesn't work when I click the create button
  11. Game won't work
    Cannot play as the create button does not work.