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  1. Retro radness!! Add more levels and weapons please!!
    Beat it with100%. Love it. Please add more levels, weapons, and bosses!! Still waiting for an update!!
  2. LOVE! Please add more levels
    If you love Mario-style games you will love this one! Secret passages, 50+ levels, "bosses" to fight off, increasing difficulty levels, amulets/weapons/armor to buy. I am very impressed with the details and love the medieval theme. Programmers/ designers did great job here ! Thanks
  3. Worth 2$
    Pretty fun game demanding patience and skill. You buy armor and level up so you can decide somewhat how you would like to play.
  4. Please read
    It's fun but seems repetitive and doesn't have a story....... What's the point of having a hero? One more thing improve the ai .
  5. Where's the controller support?
    This game would be 100% more fun if I could use my mfi game controller.
  6. Great game, but no updates.
    Loved this game. Just a bummer that there has been no expansion or updates.
  7. Add bows
    I would be really cool if if you could choose at the beginning to be a archer or a fighter
  8. Exp max out at level 66???
    Updated review Dec 11 2014: Hello???!!! Updaaaaaate? I'll give you Original review summer 2014: Great game. Beat it months ago but still play almost every day. It's a great down time, quick-fix game. Maxed out the EXP at level 66??!!! Ready for an update with more levels and enemies!!!
  9. Great bit of platformers
    An amazing and fun game. Need more levels!
  10. Great game, one bug
    The Eye of the Beholder boss sometimes has a one hit kill that shouldn't be a one hit kill.
  11. Devious Dungeon = EXCELLENCE
    I absolutely LOVE this game! It possesses some of the things a great game requires: fun factor, superb controls, nice loot, awesome upgrades, and charming graphics (just to name a few of its positive qualities). It's a perfect game for old-school and new-school gamers. Please do try it because the price is definitely worth it.
  12. Fun addicting
    Very very fun. Please keep adding more items and levels!!!
  13. Randomized Grind Fest
    I deleted this game after about an hour. There is no level design, just map after map of randomly generated platforms, pits and monsters. It is essentially an endless grind fest of holding down the attack button and picking up coins. I was looking for a follow up to the platforming bliss of Goblin Sword... This was not it
  14. You need this game!
    I like it! When you repeat the same level it generates a different font and the look, it's like mine craft it generates randomly, so it doesn't bore you, I like it how I can upgrade myself and level up fighting bosses and finding hidden treasures I highly recommend this game....
  15. Great concept but....
    I love games like this, having to earn coins by fighting monsters, completing tasks, having to unlock the next level, being able to upgrade, and fighting bosses. The only problem is that it gets repetitive and the fighting gameplay is not very fun only because it gets old after a while. It needs more in depth upgrading and fighting like the ability to duck or swing your sword in the air to hit enemies above.
  16. lags so much
    I bought this game thinking it would be fun and it delivered but it's way to slow when loading and lags/ slows down a lot when playing, and some times even crashes please fix!!!
  17. Just do it
    Your pixel arcades are the best ones!
  18. Me update long time
    The game is fun, but is too short. I expected an update for this game months ago, but it's a long wait for a train that don't come. I have beat the game and maxed everything. There it sits waiting on that update. New items... New levels.... Nothing. I saw it again today and it hit a sore spot so I thought I would write a review. About that update fellas!?
  19. Amazing and Creative Game (Need Update)
    Amazing game that is original and well thought out with new levels every time. Nice difficulty level for every level and extremely addicting. Wish it was easier to buy the expensive things though.
  20. Way to Go!
    I hope you don't listen to all the negative reviews, this game is very good. the random maps is a great touch, you will love this game, it is a great way to waste some time. And at 1.99 cents its a steal.


What`s new

The first update is here and features bug fixes, performance upgrades and a new tileset.

Thank you everyone for purchasing and playing Devious Dungeon!