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    Random heroes is awesome there are cool aliens and awesome bosses
  2. Lags and Stops
    App just started to lag and stop for a while when playing the game. It is getting very annoying when you are trying not to die and when it stops, next thing you know an alien killed you. Please improve performance on the iPod 4 with IOS 6.1.6. Hopefully a new IOS will come out soon, it may fix this problem.
  3. Too easy
    This game is great and I find myself playing it again and again. The only problem is it is too easy. I completely wrecked the game with a $1200 gun on my first play through, I could have upgraded but I didn't feel like I needed to. The enemies and bosses should be hard enough that you need the most expensive guns to beat them.
  4. Ok but glitched
    I have played all 3 random heroes games. This one has a infuriating glitch where it kicks me off the game as I'm playing and then resets itself. I wish I could get a refund for the game. DO NOT buy this game until this problem is fixed
  5. Heros
    Some of the heros abilities in the bio don't work
  6. Going down hill
    The first game was by far the best (not including the ability to aim up) They fixed a few things but other problems arose like you character stoping in the middle of a hostile area or just the glitchy nature of this game I'd say 1 was best 2 fixed a lot of things and was playable but 3 is garbage
  7. Another great game from ravenous!
    Love this game as much as devious dungeons.
  8. It's LIT!!!!!!!
    If your a fan of RH1 & RH2 this won't disappoint
  9. Great game but..
    This game is definitely the best one in the trilogy compared to all the previous random heroes, but the only flaw is that some of the heroes abilities in there bio dont actually work... thats why i rated 3*
  10. Thank you
    Thank you for listening to your game community about the crashing
  11. Really fun game and I love the retro look.
    Thanks for the update the game does not crash anymore. It's a lot of fun to play
  12. Um used to work fine now it just crashes before the app opens
    Great game fix the crashing issue where you aren't able to open the app
  13. Suddenly crashing
    App was fine last week, but as of 12/3 it crashes immediately after I try to launch it.
  14. Game broken
    Can't play you need to update it. It is crashing like crazy can't even get in.
  15. Needs lots of fixing
    Every time I open the game it crashes, horrible game...
  16. Crashes
    I can't even open the game. Shows me a black screen and then goes back to the home page It's a bummer since I really liked 1 and 2
  17. Best game ever
    You can 100% finish the game without any in app purchases!! Thank you!
  18. I loved it!
    Great game that really evokes the feeling of classic Nes games! I would suggest any day of the week Tip:When you get to the first boss fight it over again because it gives TONS of coins (I got the best gun in the game).
  19. Make a new one
    Make a new one!!!!!!! Random heroes 4
  20. You know...
    You can make a Random Villian game! Think on the Antagonists side! That, would be a good game.


What`s new

Fixed an issue with crashing on startup.