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  1. ZGS should take notes
    This is how multiple weapons should be handled in a game. However, I've noticed a bit of a glitch. My longbow cannon has lost it's damage output after I upgraded the weapon. Specifically, damage and cooldown. Enemies that died in one hit take two or three hits to die. But some enemies, like tanks, still die in one hit! Makes no sense.
  2. 100%
    I really enjoy this app and I think it should get more downloads I find war wiredly fun!
  3. Awesome
    Love this game. Lots of fun to pass some time
  4. Time; Dime or grind; conversion.
    I like: Good game, pleasing graphics, building up better and better equipment, varied missions, the game play is fun and challenging. I don't like: to get anywhere advanced with your drones you'll have to do some serious grinding or drop some coin. Patience and paycheck thing. For example: upgrades, and you will have to upgrade to keep advancing, start around $100k and go to more than $1m; but a good performance on a mission will usually net you a meager $3k - $10k, except for some larger, random bonuses that show up on a rare occasion for say... $50k. Overall I keep playing and enjoying it, it's a game I can come back to and so it's over the tipping point and gets three rather than two stars, but I don't have a great deal of patience with grinding. If you can settle in for the long grind this game will work for you. If you can afford to convert your hard earned doe into pixels, send it to me.
  5. Awesome games!
    Great game, it just keeps crashing. Fix this bug and it's a 5 star!
  6. Awesome
    The mechanics make it fun to use!
  7. Amazing
    I love this, although it could use a couple new features,like,the weapons shouldn't cost as much as they do,and neither should the drones,I love this game,but everything's way to expensive.
  8. Pretty good.
    A nice, challenging way to kill time, but would love to see 5 gold bars for watching an ad instead of just 2. Can someone please tell me what HVT's are?
  9. No MP, AI is difficult
    Good graphics. Some of the time element rules are silly. A game best when you have lots of money to burn on "upgrades". You cannot select the game style from easy to hard based upon the level you want to try. OK GAME BUT NOT GREAT. You can not steer your drone to move away from getting rocket hits. Has potential but needs enhancements
  10. Buuuenicimo
    Que buen juego de verdad me siento como un militar manejando un drone
  11. Great game! Needs new missions
    Very addictive game, absolutely love it! Its been a while since new missions have come online. Would pay money for new levels.
  12. Progress erased
    I love this app, brings me back to zombie gunship, but when ever I close it and open up again it resets all my progress and treats me like a new player. Help?
  13. Has potential to be next level software design
    Just started using iPad app, so far it has good potential to be a top 10 favorite.
  14. Strange Glitch
    The game is pretty fun, as I enjoy this style, but all of the premium bundles' thumbnails are gone and don't show what you get. I'd buy a bundle if this was fixed. Overall I recommend the game.
  15. All data lost
    I've tired to log it over and over again no I having to start all over again
  16. Good game but...
    You lose all your progress on a news phone....
  17. Fun game!
    Very fun game! Kept me busy for hours.
  18. Can't Advance
    Good game but I'm currently stuck and can't advance to the 3rd area. Completed all of the levels but there's no indication of how to move on.
  19. Fun
    Fun game, it just could use a way to earn more gold in order to uprgrade.
    First of all, I just want to say that the only reason I am leaving this review is because I love this game and see very true potential and would love to see it on XBOX one day. The game is spectacular. I deleted it and waited a while to see if there had been the extra levels added yet. Since there are still no new levels here are my thoughts. Some of these might have been fixed since my last time playing about 60 days ago. If so please disregard and I will change to 5 stars when the levels are added. Cons: -game CRASHES when I click the home button to answer a message, etc. (GAME WONT EVEN LOAD PASSED SECOND SET OF LOADING BARS ON LOAD SCREEN- crashes during game have gotten much better) -almost impossible to load your facebook profile if you use a code generator because every time you go back to fb to get the code and go back to the game it CRASHES. -sometimes does not show missions that are still to be completed. I couldn't stand not knowing what I had to do and was just playing aimlessly. This didn't start until I was almost finished with the game. (GAME STILL DOES NOT SHOW MISSIONS UNTIL YOU START AND FINISH/FAIL A MISSION) -can't see upgrades to drones or weapons -have yet to see a difference between the drones' radar capabilities. In fact I tend to like the radar of the earlier drones in the game. -in some survival modes if you last long enough the timer that's counting how long you have been alive starts over. It only goes to Like 8mins or something. (GAME STILL DOES THIS BUT I NOTICED AT THE END OF MISSION DURING BRIEFINGS IT SHOWS TOTAL TIME PLAYED) I would love to see the new levels and would gladly donate/pay for them to be completed. Thanks guys. Keep it up.


What`s new

Hey Pilot. Halloween is here and we are back with exciting Halloween Events. This is your chance to win Halloween themed Canons, Bombs and Missiles. You can also win the insane Halloween Drone - Frankenfury, and scare your enemies to surrender.
Adjustments and optimizations done for smoother and effortless gameplay experience.
Play and level-up to discover New Deals and fantastic Halloween Offers as your advance in the game.
Get powerful drones and upgrade them to build the ultimate war-machine. Equip advanced enhancements and slay your enemy base.