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  1. Amazing app
    Amazing App. I am traveling a lot. The app is maybe not an app for 99% of the people but offers amazing niche services. I am german and could make use of n26 but I was treated very bad by there customer service. Great Customer service. Only downside the small limits of 30k€ maybe that can be lifted in the future.
  2. Can’t cancel premium
    AVOID. There’s no way to cancel your trial inside the app, and even writing to customer support you’re asked to pay 10 GBP for cancelling your account!
  3. Was charged for "free" trial
    You have to chat with support for an hour to cancel your free trial before the charge you for a year! While at no point prior to that they mention that. And on top of that you have to pay 10GBP to cancel. Ridiculous and illegal! Just a scam, never use them.
  4. Just doesn't work
    I have been trying to register for few months, but it continues to fail sending me a confirmation SMS or calling at my US number.
  5. I want to delete I’m on the waiting list in the us
    I want to delete I’m on the waiting list how can I remove myself
  6. Not available in US
    Should not be in US App Store
  7. Not Working
    Kinda hard to sign up when you keep getting errors that tell you to try again later. Their scaling engineers should be fired.
  8. Best finance app out there for travelers!
    I’ve had Revolut for over 2 years and it’s been great to see them put the customer first! Excited to see how they continue to expand their offering!
  9. Good in concept; exceptionally lacking in execution
    The most unhelpful service agents I’ve ever encountered; absurdly sensitive AML-related monitoring; the premium service rarely works as advertised; suggest you file complaints to the applicable financial services and consumer protection regulatory bodies in your jurisdiction-I am. In short, these jokers should have their licenses revoked and their business shutdown.
  10. Best travel app so far
    I love it, u can save so much money.
  11. Excellent app and service
    Forget about traditional banks. Fast, great service, excellent prices.
  12. High undisclosed fees, very buggy, horrible support
    High 3.0% fee on USD transactions... How this works out to be "zero fees" I guess I'll never know. Worse for hours the app is totally offline, no connection. This means no support since the support is "in app for your convenience". Whenever a new bug is discovered it's always blamed on the customer not reading some obscure fine print on their website. The app has numerous currency transfer options that it will allow you to select but do not actually work. This is a horrible app and a horrible company behind it. It is not improving over time.
  13. Data Scam.
    The website literally says “Revolut lands in the U.S.A” and after I put in all of my personally information (it doesn’t even mention SSN until you fill out everything else with your phone number verified btw) the app says it’s actually not available yet - but hey! you are on the wait list and you can invite others to cut the line. Not going to invite anyone to this data scam. Not going to use this app ever.
  14. App
    Great app. All banks should be like this simple.
  15. Works just fine
    Had minor issues with activation support, but one up and running - it does exactly what you expect from it. Overall perfect for multiple currency transactions.
  16. Great
    Easy to use, great support and best of all great rates! Increased functionality and MUCH cheaper than using banks for everything including traveling and using foreign currencies to sending international transfers/wires. The bank of the future!!
  17. app crashes
    super excited to use the app and revolut service, but the app keep crashing on launch just as I enter my passcode. I am this old soul who won't update to ios 11 and maybe that's the reason. Anyway, just wanted to give my feedback on the app. 11/14 update: you you fixed the crash on login but not beyond that.:) 'Bump up the queue crashes' app as well
  18. Crashes on iPhone X
    Impossible to use on Apple’s new device. Came from a 6 Plus that functioned perfectly and upon upgrading to the X the app crashes upon entering my PIN. Hoping for a fix soon. UPDATE Initial startup crash seems to have been fixed however (I am a US customer) seeing as I still have to wait in line to be able to use in the US, the app crashes if I try to invite people to move myself along the line. Please fix!
  19. Seems like a scam
    I have been looking for a multi currency account and so thought I would try Revolut after reading some positive reviews online. I downloaded the app, it took me through a bunch of questions (including asking for my Social Security number, which worried me), and only AFTER entering all that info a message told me it wasn’t ready in the US. The app promptly closed and now just crashes on launch. This app should not be available in the American App Store until it actually works! This feels very much like a scam.
  20. Keep crashing
    Latest version of iOS and app on iPhone X


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