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  1. Please update!!
    Please update and fix the game. I’m playing a level and every time I go to answer a text or answer a call and go back to my game, the app resets and the level I was working on is no longer there and I lose a life. What the hell? I love this game but that’s becoming extremely annoying. I’m losing lives for your errors. It’s not fair.
  2. Fix
    This game has destroyed my I pad! I just got a new I phone and try to play it again and it started to do the same thing. It blacks out and puts lines on your device and shuts it down! Beware!!!!
  3. Do not like timed games
    Like this game a lot but do not like timed games at all! There are too many of them, please do not keep these timed games. I will update my review if this is fixed. Also there should be daily rewards.
  4. Very sad!
    I was on or about level 1084, and I don't know what happened but it just disappeared! I will click on the icon and it seems like it's going to start and it just disappears! It makes me mad that I invested time and some money on this and for this to happen is frustrating! What can I do????Any suggestions??? I would've given this game 5 stars but not anymore. I lost it all on my iPad but not my iPhone Jan 8, 2018 I’m now on level 2485 and I’ve been waiting 2 days for level 2486. I just have a “Coming Soon” message. What’s taking so long? I’ve got fireballs fundays for 15 hours and I want to use them on the new levels.
  5. One of the most fun games ever!!!
    When I don’t feel like playing my other games I have ABpop to help pass my time!!! Sometimes you don’t win but you can always try again and win ! I don’t like to listen to other people who get so mad that they don’t win so I think play the game and if you don’t like it then don’t waste your space on something you don’t enjoy.
  6. Love the game!
    Great game but it always crashes. I had to delete it and download it 3 times already.
  7. A problem
    At level 67, the game tosses me out when I try to use the crusher boost. Why?
  8. My opinion of angry bird pop
    The game is fun and hard but not too hard the background music is really annoying and fun more fun than annoying i like this game.
  9. It's fun
    It does the trick when you're bored. Pretty lit.
  10. A little addicting
    Lots of fun to pass the time
  11. Crashing!!
    Four crashes this morning, each just before winning a level. Finally quit in frustration.
  12. Much fun
    The app is much fun but watch your pocketbook - it will be tempting to buy your wins. I do it the old fashion way - no cheating.
  13. Toni Z
    You have the wrong photo by my annoying!! Please fix.
  14. Amazing
    I love this game. I have it on my other iPad. I love bubble pop games! So I rate this game five stars! I also love angry birds.
  15. Good
    I played this for 3+ years and I still play it this game is so awesome and fun
  16. Good game
    This is a fun game. I like it.
  17. Oh gosh I love this .
    Best game ever you should get this game everyone should have this game
  18. Love game hate charges
    It Cocteau me $12 to pass this last challange
  19. Hitting the ceiling
    I love this game ALOT, however, I have one problem with it. I'm on lvl 2465 and there is giant cloud blocking my way. :)
  20. Problem level 192 only 20 shots
    Is there a bug with level 192 that only has 20 shots? On web the examples have 35 or more to start not 20. I am stuck here, have stars all other levels. Any solution? I have done update but no help. Thanks


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