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  1. I think they're being nice
    It's only funny because there's like NFL players but it's way too hard I have all the P but I can't beet division III it's bull s...
    This game is pretty decent, it is most definitely better then the last one but all the glitches and bugs take the fun out of the game. For example, sometimes when I get an interception, the play clock keeps ticking but the ball disappears so the game pretty much ends at that point because the play clock keeps going. Also, on kick off when I get to the receiver before the ball and start hitting him, he some how teleports 10 yards away from their end zone and they score, I don't understand.
  3. This game is trash!!
    Bruh this isn’t even funny I would be up by how many points then all of a sudden the other team would come back and win if you are the developer shame on you
  4. Plz help
    I spent $9.99 on the pro pack then the game lagged me out and I didn't get the pack I spent the rest of my Christmas money on the pack please help me or get me a new pack because I am really sad
  5. Like the game but everything else is trash
    The game play is pretty good glitches a lot more than more than most games but here’s where I get mad I had 3 gold players a two star gold corner and linebacker and a solid two star silver Brandon cooks and I logged on the game often a long day and my Brandon cooks was replaced with Danny Amendola and my gold corner and linebacker was just completely deleted now I have bronze in those positions
  6. Get on the ground
  7. Running
    Not a bad game I love it only thing need to fix is when you're running you need to make sure they run faster
  8. So many problems.
    So many bugs it's not even funny, and the ads make the game unplayable
  9. Love it ,but sometimes something happens.
    When I play a game sometimes when I get a int the game still gives them the ball. But they run into the In Zone and try to score but it doesn’t work. Also once when it happened they actually got a Td and I was doing a coin battle for 1,000. So I was salty. I stopped playing for a while to see if it started to work again but it didn’t. So I feel like you owe me a little something something. Or not.
  10. Terrible game (PLEASE READ MAJOR BUG)
    Update to be compatible with iPhone 8 and iOS 11 it’s completely pointless to spend money I really want to buy stuff on here but I can’t the crowd every time I start a game is plain black nothing else , it’s pointless not ever spending money until this is fixed and UNINSTALLING
  11. Worst game I've ever played
    This game is complete trash it has no watching for the QB when he sneaks I think the game creators need to either get on their game
  12. Game owners DON’T CARE
    About a week ago I beat the Super Games I Cup for 4000 coins plus my game bonuses, the game glitched and I lost my coins without being able to accept it on the screen. I emailed these people through a link on the same day and got no answer. I emailed them again after that when I got no responses and still no answer. It’s clear to me that these people don’t care for the people who play this game. This game is completely frustrating and inconsistent, the owners of the game don’t care for their customers business. DON’T EVEN DOWNLOAD THIS GAME TO TRY.
  13. Fun game BUT......
    Awesome game, tons of fun, love it, I’m genuinely addicted to it BUT however i play the league mode, and I love how you let me play the first one free, but say i want to play 2, it costs me 500 hero coins, no big deal right??? Wrong because I will pay the 500 but then it will take me back to the free league, and take the 500, so it doesn’t enter me into a 2nd league() but it still takes my coins, VERY stupid I still love this game, and will play it some, but i would be playing TONS more if it didn’t have that stupid glitch Btw plz fix it ASAP cuz it’s getting on my nerves
  14. I love the game
    I love this game because it’s just so fun. And I like how stubby they are. Also I love how you generate your team into whatever you want it to. That might not really make sense
  15. Basketball version
    Can y’all try make a basketball version of football heroes, it will be dope.
  16. One bug cost me the game and 1000 coins
    There is a bug I’ve been having and that’s where at halftime the X to close the ad doesn’t work and the game keeps running and the other team gets a free score. And it happens every game
  17. Great game on phone and tv
    The game is a blast to play but be aware that once installed on appletv it wont load a day later, you have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling in order to play. Thats the only real issuse with the game as far as ive seen.
  18. Update please
    I’d give this a five but I have the iPhone 8 Plus and the game is fitting my screen really. And another thing I’d love is if my multiplayer worked because it says it’s not compatible with my device
  19. Huggg
    I enjoy playing the game but every time I get close to winning it lags out so I don’t have any players on the field
  20. Good game but you can fix some stuff
    So in the game I am facing teams way harder then me on coin battles like all gold players. So can you fix that also half the time I win it crashes and I don't get any coins or anything


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