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  1. SEGA!! You Scammers!
    Let me just say that when I bought your “half priced” pack it crashed my game and I tried 10 times to get back in the app And now my one dollar is wasted!
  2. Gr8 m8 don't h8
    Luv dis gem it rel gud my fav like luv it m8
  3. Sonic Jump
    My Great Grand Son showed how to play and I love it. Oh! He is only 3yrs. Old
  4. Love Sonic Fever Jump
    I love this game and i love all sonic games i can't wait to upgrade my iPhone so i can get the newest sonic game that's out right now.
  5. Fun but nope
    Game is stuck in Green Hill Zone and won’t change. It’s getting annoying since it’s so monotonous. I’m leveling up but some glitch has it stuck on zero in one zone. I may delete and reinstall if I can keep all my upgrades. Otherwise bye bye.
    The Graphics are awesome and the characters!!
  7. Sonic jump fever
    Best sonic jumping games I would rather play this 2 sonic jumping games then doodle jump games and make sonic dash 3 and also sonic racing games please
  8. Awesome game
    Super simple and super fun!! Recommend for everyone of any age!
  9. OMG!!!!!!
    I have never seen any thing like this game!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  10. This Is AMAZING!
    WOW. JUST WOW. Its Fun, The Tokens are a nice touch, just AMAZING! Only one flaw though, Whenever we’re on one zone and we’re higher/lower on the leaderboard, our new best puts us Down. For me as an example, I was originally 6 on the leaderboard but when i got my new best in blue sky zone, i went down to a 10. Other than that, Awesome and great game. Best Spin-Off Sonic Game I EVER played.
  11. Addicting
    I downloaded this as a joke thinking it would be bad, but it's actually pretty good. I love the addition of Chao. Good job SEGA! You listened to our wants, and delivered a spectacular iOS game. Though I think the characters are a little pricey, the game is fun enough to play to earn the red medals. 5/5 Stars! I love the game!
  12. Goo goo ga ga galore. Lol
    Boring mini game for toddlers and is a complete waste of time with no real objectives. I agree with another review saying you guys haven’t released a real decent Sonic game in over a decade and still release this app junk every other month. So unless you’re a baby and like ads after every other jump, go buy a GameCube and play a full length.
    I love this game can u add rouge to game and one more thing make a boss plz
  14. Good game
    If I’m bored and only got a few minutes of free time in class I’ll just pull up this game and play till class starts. I don’t have any complaints about this game. Keep up the great work.
  15. Great game
    The chao feature is great but for the s-rank rare chaos 6 hours is not enough time to earn all the loyalty without spending lots of time playing or spending money on red star rings. The character choices are great, maybe in the next update or two super sonic, Shadow, silver, burning blaze, hyper sonic, and dark sonic could be added.
  16. Just something to do.
    It’s got enough to at least me something to do when bored, which is more than I can say for most games on mobile.
  17. I love it so much
    I like it because it has different actives and charaters and chaos.
  18. Sonic
    I thought this game was dumb af but now I think it’s really cool game
  19. It is good but...
    I don't like how the chao cost so much it should be 1000 instead but the game is still really good
  20. Great game
    Love it! Though I wish you could just straight up buy the characters


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