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  1. Great
    Just add support for iPhone 5 and 6 screens and it'll be perfect.
  2. IF YOU PLAYED IT ON SEGA THIS DON'T CUT IT ... Ruined childhood
    It lags, HARD, sorry facts, sound WAY of and it's quite hear splitting .... How do you mess this up that bad ?!?!?!? How ruin my childhood
  3. Great Game
    I love this game. Good memories it works fine no issues. Kills the time and good with hand and eye coordination.
  4. Streets of rage 2
    Well this game is one if the classics from my childhood, and it's one of the best Sega ever made. The game itself has no real flaws, the only miner flaw is the walking speed isn't super fast. All in all it's a super game! I would like to see some support for the moga ace power gamepad though.
  5. Slow and choppy
    Major slow down, choppiness, and poor controls and sound on iPad 4. I have sent emails asking for updates. Now I have been banned from Segas's customer service site, and I was always curtius and professional. Sega, I will never buy your products again.
  6. Awesome game
    Great game! I play it more now probably more than I did in my Sega days. Works good on my iPhone 6. Hopefully it gets updated to take advantage of the bigger screen. Waiting to see more of these classics come to iOS. Well done.
  7. Having a problem
    My character will often start walking right to left and doesn't walk left to right. Help?
  8. Good port
    Liking the game thus far only gripe is it doesn't fit to iPhone 6+ screen, please fix!
  9. Why u not make update?
    Long time this game need update at list for iPhone 5s & iPhone 6 & plus
  10. Great game but the sound needs work!
    Please fix the sound it's very distorted! Thanks
  11. Update
    UPDATE for iphone 5 and 5s PLEASSSSSE
  12. Childhood Relived....Again
    Just how I remembered it. Exciting. I love this game. One of my favorites in the sega days. Awesome. Planning on buying Part 3.
  13. Great game
    I played this game forever when it came out. Smacking people with pipes? Amazing. My only beef with this version is the D-pad. I can't get it to respond correctly or even quickly. Maybe it's user error, but it's exceptionally frustrating.
  14. Ok Game
    This game should have been exclusively for the ipad. Great graphics and sound are but I can't see the character i play with because the phone is to small for this needs an upgrade ....because I try playing on My iPad Air and it lags and sounds terrible Streets of rage 2,3 please update!!!!! Streets of rage 2&3 the for it can run smooth on iPad Air
  15. Love it
    By far one of the best games I've played. Been playing since the early 90s and still love it today!
  16. Love the game, but the sound is terrible
    Years later, the sound is still busted :( ...otherwise, one of the best games ever! :D
  17. Needs iOS7 update
    I LOVE this game. It was one of my favs of the genesis era and this port is great. It works well on both iPhone and iPad but something started acting strangely on iPad after the last iOS7 update. It is cutting off the top and bottom of the screen with black bars, with the bar on top showing the time and battery % from the home screen. It didn't do this before. Please fix!!
  18. Game controller support
    It would be great if sega added game controller support for this game.
  19. Needs IOS7 support
    Fun but the FPS IS VERY BAD AND THE NUSIC IS STATICKY): please fix this SEGA!!!
  20. Please give an iPhone 5 update
    Can you guys please, please make this fit for the iPhone 5 screen display! I will gladly give 5 stars for that please, please, please update this!!!!!!!


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