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  1. Really fun
    This is a great fun game to pass time
  2. Sugar Smash Doesn't Open
    This has been happening 3-4 times a week, for the past few weeks!! I do not want to delete it, cause I've advanced levels and I didn't login via FB! I don't want to star all over again Kate Carrino Ventura, CA
  3. Ms JO
    Just started playing. So far seems like fun.
  4. Fun!
    Different than a typical match 3. I like the thrown in curves to make the game more challenging.
  5. Cute.
    I like it. It is cute and different along the way so far.
  6. It's fun
    Installed the new update but when I open the game the pig with the coming soon sign is still sitting there. Also I thought new levels were supposed to come out weekly. What gives?
  7. Super fun!!
    Love the graphics. Very easy to play!
  8. Great colorful game
    Its very entertaining and cute and colorful. Love the music also.
  9. BR
    its a fun game EXCEPT the coins run out way too soon AND they don't replenish as quick as 'other games'...
  10. It is good but
    It is good but you run out of coins fast
  11. Fun game to kill time
    I loved the movie!! Also like that the sound is not as annoying as other games. It's the same as other games out there but with the catch phases it makes it fun! Good game to play while waiting in line at airport or anywhere actually that you are passing time. Good job !!!
  12. Sugar smash
    After losing one level you have to go back & start again . That is stupid . I'm sick of playing the same levels all over again
  13. Items you need don't replenish.. but pretty to look at
    It's a beautiful game really, and fun.. but just like many "free" games you have to pay to continue. I was able to get to level 20 without using any of the items, but once I finally did use them they don't replenish themselves like your lives do. You can win these items during certain weekly quests, but without items to use it's very difficult. At least other games will give you a chance. If I could rate this 2.5 I would.. half a star for gameplay, the other two for looks
  14. Fun and relaxing
    I enjoy this game a lot. I would probably play continuously if there weren't breaks every often to replenish my supply of "lives."
  15. Awesome But!
    I love this game but! Level 735 has some bugs that need fixing. There are no purple colors in the game. Fix the bug then I will give you a 5 Star Rating.
  16. Update
    After the last update on July 4 I was no longer able to load game.Please fix
  17. ADDICTED!!!
    This games is so addicting! I absolutely enjoy playing it.
  18. Report a bug!
    Level number 759 goal requires purple sugar, but when I don't see any purple sugar after using all of my steps.
  19. So much fun
    I loved this movie so when I saw this game, I immediately downloaded it and I'm having tons of fun now!!!
  20. Lots of fun
    Easy to play and pass the time.


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- Bug fixes and general improvements.