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  1. Like this game
    This game is fun. It’s different then other games.
  2. Game Freezes
    With the new update as I get to my 5th life try the game freezes.
  3. Bad JuJu Game
    Awesome Gaming
    This game has crashed numerous times, I have contacted the developer who responded with a “canned” response. The game is still crashing....BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!
  4. Great game
    I love the creativity. The HARD levels are really difficult... hahaha
  5. Fun but glitches a lot
    I have given up on this game for months at a time because of glitches and freezing. I came back again hoping that with a new iPad I wouldn’t have as many problems. It’s better but I still run into problems that never fix. Right now I can’t play Today’s Quest, it always has an “error loading daub”.
  6. App will not launch
    I installed the app and it worked for 5 levels then kicked me out. When trying to relaunch it continued to fail to open. I uninstalled, turned off iPad to refresh and reinstalled. Now it won't even load. Is there a fix for this?
  7. Gems and genie
    Enjoying the game. Would love to see other ways to earn coins and turns than to buy them.
  8. Fun, but Robs Me
    I enjoy this game, but it consistently fails to give me credit for playing levels and winning designated pieces in contests. I will play a level, earn like 122 yellows that should be added to my contest total, but am deflated regularly when what I have just won is not added to my total!!! Why try challenges when the score is grossly wrong???
  9. Kicked off
    Every time I make some moves, I get kicked off. I’m at level 826 and this is so frustrating as I love the game. Going to quit playing until they fix it. If they don’t, I will put my money on other games. Played for two days now and not frozen out once. I think the problem got fixed. Thank you. I now gave it a 5 rating.
  10. Update charges
    Downloaded the game because it was free, but just got charged $1.99 for the update?!? Since when did free games charge for updates? Deleting now...!
  11. Fix
    Great game until it started freezing up! Please fix!!!!!
  12. Was loving this, but tired of freezes
    Twice in one day I've gotten close to finishing a level when the game froze. I've purchased about $50 worth of bonus packs too. Very frustrating! Never happened before.
  13. genies and Gems
    Have any of you had the same problem with this app. When I get a chest and it says I will collect All the things for getting chest, it never works. I have talked with the company who gives us this fun game. Yet if you cannot fix the problem you should not have it on Apple for us to buy. Oak tired of sending g notes that the last update made this game so messed up I will not use it until they fix it. I have tried all the things they tell you to do but to no avail, it locks up on me every game I play. So I am out of here and I suggest you all do the same.
  14. Screen lock up
    I have been in the middle of a game and the screen will not respond to my touch on my iPhone and iPad. This is a fairly recent and random problem. I’ve been updating whenever available, I hope you can find the problem. Thanks!
  15. Five if only...
    I’m in the seven hundreds levels and I love this game. Only star markdown is for frequent freezing that leaves me losing lives
  16. Lotsa bugs
    Game currently will freeze and crash often. Wiping out any streaks and bonuses you have worked on.
  17. Awesome
    I really enjoy this game I just wish that when we got to the treasure chest that we actually would receive something I mean if it’s just a coin it would be nice to win something from the treasure chest. I really do enjoy this game.
  18. Love this game again
    I am once again happily playing this game. Had a problem with one of the levels freezing but the latest update fixed it. Thank you!
  19. Levels freezing
    I enjoy this game but recently have had games freeze midway through, which is especially frustrating if I used a spell! A lot wasted.
  20. Please Fix
    Level 1219 will not let me make more than one move. It freezes and will not let me play. I love this game and would like to be able to continue playing it ☹️


What`s new

New episode available! 20 new levels!

Chapter 196 - "Eccentric Railways"

As Jenni and Trix continued down the path before them, the green shrubbery began to fade to a dusty brown and the temperature began to rise. Soon enough, the pair found themselves in the middle of a full on desert.

“I knew those vibrant pastures and idyllic weather wasn’t going to last long,” muttered Trix. “We need to get out of this place ASAP! I would rather be in a snowstorm than the middle of a heatwave!”

“It’s your lucky day then,” Jenni said as she pointed ahead of them. “Looks like we can catch a ride on that railway just ahead.”

Trix excitedly ran forward, eager to sit and rest while riding a cart along a quiet railway. But as the tracks came into focus, it was clear it would be anything but a relaxing ride.

“These rickity tracks are suspended above what looks like a bottomless pit! AND they twist and turn like a swing dancing snake! No way I’m getting on there!” cried Trix.

Jenni sighed and scooped up her furry friend, hopping onto the precarious rails. “Well, it’s the only way forward, so you’re just going to have to shut your eyes and hang on!”

Update now for new levels, with 20 more each week!