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  1. Great, but......
    This is a fantastic app however they should offer an ad free version for $0.99
  2. Since last update...
    Good game but since last update sometimes action freezes before completion of shot. Thnx.
  3. Great game. Ruined by ads.
    Would pay to get rid of that garbage.
  4. Read this
    I'd like to challenge anybody out there that has this game to beat my personal arcade high score of 378.
  5. Oh yea
    This game is so awesome i give it 5 stars
  6. Crashed
    I really loved this game. In fact I played i played it during every road trip. Until, one day it just decided to crash. I would open the app, then a few seconds later it would return to the place where I had originally clicked on to open the app. If it gets fixed somehow I will come back and write a better review
  7. Very fun
    Great game for soccer fans! Curve the ball like no other!
  8. Hard
    At first this game is hard but then you figure out its physics and you'll be a hot shot
  9. Update
    One of the the best apps ever, great for passing that time, even better now that it's optimized for iPhone 6+
  10. Ads cut the game while playing
    It use to be a good game, until ads stop your game ruin the score :/ :/
  11. To many adds
    Kicked me out with adds to many times, delete.....
  12. Football
    Best ever it is easy may record is 60
  13. Fun!!
    It is fun has way too many ads also it gets kind of boring, but you might as well try it.
  14. Fun game but too many ads
    The game is fun and challenging at first until you've become familiar with the swipe sensitivity on ball direction. BUT there are just too many pop up ads that interrupt the play. Hard to practice when ads come up after every round. All considered I enjoy the game. FLICK KICK LEGENDS is a far superior football game that's addictive as f$¥k: Enjoy
  15. Decent game
    Fun but the playing options get boring after a while
  16. Great!
    Love the game, it gets really addicting!
  17. The Game is Okay
    Everytime I curve the Ball it only goes in the second direction I swipe in so I usually lose lives because of that... Just fix that and it'll be better already.
    This is one of the best games I play
    In-App purchases are killing games these days! Otherwise good game, but it really dampens the mood.
  20. Fun game
    It is a fun game when I am bored


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