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    Good game except for the online challenge mode. I have not been able to find another player online to challenge.
  2. Stil works on iOS 4.2.1
    Stil works on iOS 4.2.1! Depending on the level, it can be quite addicting.
  3. Great Game
    I could play this for hours and not get bored, my nephews love this game and are better than me at it.
  4. Ok but could be a lot better
    The game is pretty fun but the impact of the wind seems pretty inconsistent and the scoring makes no sense. A 60 yard kick is only worth 1 point the same as a 30 yard one? Unless you do really good at the beginning with the fire ball there is no way to make up for it on the longer kicks.
  5. Not the best
    If you're wanting to play a "football kicker" style game, just install the Official NFL Kicker game. Far better on every level.
  6. Do not buy
    Don't buy this game unless you want to see advertisements every time you open it. Stick with the free version.
  7. Glad I bought
    I was skeptical at first but you get ZERO ads that annoy you while playing, and buying the full version unlocks new game odes that make the game even better. Simple, but requires skill and concentration, and passes time fast. I reccomend buying if you liked the Lite version you will love the full version.
  8. What's up with the ad?
    Launch app and I get an ad. Dumb. I paid for this app!
  9. Great
    I think field goal is great. It is very good for the brain and that's all I have to say besides AWESOME!!!!
  10. Truly Amazing
    One of the best games I've ever played.
  11. Im confused
    This is a great game and I love it. But I don't understand the "new upgrade" in the latest update. When I go into the game it says, "New" on the locker room but when I click it nothing new is there :/
  12. It's good!!
    Addicting for sure. Fun to play during TV games. Miss fieldgoal and hope it works against opposing team.
  13. Still awesome!
    This is one of the few games I continue to play after two years! Nice update. Does not lose its appeal. Get it.
  14. Great game
    This game is great. One of my favorites to waste time to!
  15. Real fun
    I remember when i played this game like 2 years ago. Glad I started again.
  16. Love it
    I could play this game for hours.
  17. Staple Game
    This game should be on every person's device. Period.
  18. So fun
  19. Mr
    One of the best games on the AppStore
  20. RSHAL
    This game is a blast - very addicting.


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