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  1. Energize,Ready!
    This game is amazing even though I just got the preview thing.The game is sort of a RPG style game.The game is about superpowed teenagers trying to stop a evil alien named Sledge so this other alien gives the teenagers superpowers.Sometimes,Sledge sends a monster to destroy the Power Rangers(also the teenagers get super suits)but usually they beat the monster so Sledge powers up a beam that makes the monster HUGE.Luckly,the Power Rangers get Robots called Zords depending on his simbol.For example,The Red Ranger's symbol is a T-Rex so he get a T-Rex.Usally the Zords combine into a bigger Zord called a Megazord.And I ADORE those combination cutscenes.Rangers Forever!
  2. Paying
    We have to pay for everything so unfair because we have to delete it because we have to pay and our parent would not pay for a game like this really mad I am deleting it
  3. You have t Donload this SO FUN.
    This game is so fun I wish I was a power ranger ecspaily dion charge
  4. Power rangers Dino charge
    Power rangers Dino charge is a good app because there is arena mode
  5. Dino charge
    The best part is when I get to fight against sleaze By Spencer Fridman
  6. I can't play all the games
    Please just let me play the third level it just won't work why just tell me
  7. المواصلات محمد حامد
    هاذه كانت لعبة رائعة جدا أنا اتمنا ان الكل انيسعملها
  8. Good but
    Needs more rangers and more monsters and more chapters for the story
  9. My kid loves this game!
    My 5 year old loves this game! It seems a bit expensive to upgrade levels or I'd give it 5 stars.
  10. Pretty good
    My seven year old enjoyed playing it until she beat all the levels
  11. Why can't you just play all the levels
    I don't like it you have to pay 20.00$ just to play level 3 through 7
  12. Awesome
    Amazing game. So fun to play I got all of the episodes and I absolutely love it. Thx for making this game so awesome.
  13. Stop being greedy
    Let us play the full game without paying plsssssss.
  14. I get it
    Dino charge and it charges you money
  15. WHY!!!!!
    Add boss challenges if you win them you unlock a free chapter and please add new Rangers I would love that.
  16. So I finished chapter 1 but I can't play any more of the chapters ppppllllllzzzz fix
  17. Perfect! Just needs a... Super Charge!
    This game is amazing. It just needs to add new characters and possibly a new option to customize the megazord for added combat options. Maybe new ranger abilities like a Dino steel or drive power up.
  18. reallly!!!!
    free game not even one chapter and they charge you i mean they should have charged in the beginning and i would've decided if i wanted to download it or not, they only show how to play and now its over, my child cried for 3 hours and i m not paying for everything he wants, they should delete this app, awful.


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