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  1. Need multiplayer
    It is awesome, but wat I think it lacks is multiplayer support dude
  2. Totally confused
    Probably a good game, but the tutorial/intro needs major work. I simply have no idea where I need to go to accomplish anything.
  3. Amazing
    Love the Trese Brothers! Thanks for the frequent updates and caring about player feedback. This is my favorite. In-app purchases are only to upgrade to the paid version or other goodies that you absolutely don't need in order to keep playing/winning. Just a little extra fun for when you're addicted (;
  4. Awesome!!!!
    This game is amazing! There is so much depth and complexity, but it is still somehow simple enough to easily grasp. You can fight, trade, war, spy, explore, or just about anything else.
  5. Top Notch
    Endless choice, endless replay, politics, torpedoes, aliens. A wonderful game.
  6. A must.
    While the graphics are nothing special, the game has great ship art work and an easy to use trading and battling system. The game lets you even steal ships you win against, and has many levels of different difficulties to cater to any player. With recent updates, they add new ships and regularly fix bugs. Plus they don't bug you with IAP. A must get.
  7. Awesome game, awesome devs, good updates
    This game has it all- good game, awesome devs, good updates. They do updates *very* frequently, constantly putting out new features and content. I’ve never had a bug stick around for more than a few weeks before it gets wiped out of the game. 5/5!
  8. Love it!
    It's really hard to find good offline RPG games that keep me entertained, but this is one of them!
  9. Great game, but room for improvement
    This game is amazing: it's easy to learn, tough to master and a great pastime. It provides a great playing experience without buying the expansion, which looks absolutely amazing. However, it is not perfect, and there are several things that could be improved. Some concepts, such as buying rumors and the Spy officer aren't simple to understand for a beginner, despite the helpful wiki entries. Also, it is very annoying to have, as a contractor, the choice between angering some faction or your crew unless you're a pirate. Maybe some missions that are not "against" someone? Apart from that, great game, very balanced, I would absolutely recommend it.
  10. Outstanding open-ended gameplay
    This has long been one of my favorite apps, and the latest update only made it better. In a nutshell, this is a game that really leaves all the options open to the player - merchant, mercenary, pirate, or soldier, it's all up to you. Customize the loadout of your ship, choose your contracts and destinations, and handle combat as you see fit. The game's trade and combat systems are simple enough to be comprehensible, complex enough to be fun. No "premium" cash or idiotic energy meters to worry about. There are purchasable add-ons, but they're entirely optional (but all well worth the IAP). Definitely among the top three games I have ever played on the iPad.
  11. Love this game...
    Is fun, interesting, new, and really cool I can't stop playing it But new ships are too expensive I played for hours get money and it was still hard Plus the starting ships are good would be better if one had to buy better ships to advance Thanks
  12. Great
    Simple enough to pick up and play, hard enough to challenge you. Love this game. Plus it doesn't force you to pay money, although the elite version is awesome too!
  13. Yeah what?
    I loved the concept but after 3 attempts to make heads or tails out of the game i failed. Press this button oh now im fighting someone; i wonder what this does- all my rations are gone.. Yeah im not going to try anymore.
  14. An incomprehensible mess
    Frustrating and seemingly random, due to simultaneously giving the player too many options and too little information. Purchases often will not be possible, with no reason given - do you have too little money? Is the trade forbidden? Is the dock out of stock? Who knows? No information is offered to tell you what is happening or why. The consequences and results of your actions are murky, made worse by far too many in-game factions to track. Also, translation and grammatical errors abound, confounding the already interminable help pages.
  15. Wow, this game just keeps getting better
    I loved this game on its first release ... i just downloaded my fourth updated and its growing fast with new features and content. I went elite in 5 minutes flat, but i got my 2 bucks worth a while ago and this guy keeps going! This dev is awesome and responsive to questions and requests!
  16. Overall pretty great
    I will start by saying why I only gave this wonderful game a 4/5. The game sort of just throws you into the universe, and for the first 5 minutes it was a bit overwhelming, but as you explore around and play the game it becomes a very fun little game. I have always been a fan of the 'space trader' type of games, and this is by far one of the best ones on the apple market.
  17. A Star Performance: Trading in Excellence
    I have been looking for a game like this on iOS. Fortunately, I stumbled across this game on a site. Sure, it's an RPG, but it includes tactics, strategy, detailed planning. It's, frankly, unimpressive piece of engineering. Add to that the developers' strong commitment to a better product, a better future, and inclusion of even more accessibility features, and I believe we've found a winner. Not only is this game very playable for those using the Voiceover screen reader, the developers are continuously making it an even better and more fluid experience. For anyone looking for a casual experience, and immersive gaming session, or a model of how accessibility should be done, grab StarTraders. Also, don't forget that they have an Elite version. Happy trading.
  18. Finally
    Finally, a real game on my cell phone, not a pay-to-win piece of repetitive junk. I've spent more time playing this than a lot of my PC games. Thanks for this.
  19. Terrible
    Slow boring and really confusing don't download
  20. Great game!
    One of the best rpg/strategy games I have played for mobile!


What`s new

- Fixed "Starport Expansion" and "Starport Upgrade" Rumors
- Improved New Upgrade Availability in Elite
- New Star Trader Bonus: More Repairs on Indy Worlds
- New Star Trader Bonus: More Upgrades on Indy Works
- Fixed Invisible Alien Ship Bug
- Improved Upgrade: Water-Fuel Gravity Scoop
- Improved Upgrade: Titan Gun Batteries
- Improved Upgrade: Prow Superstructure
- Improved Upgrade: Hyperion Gun Decks
- Improved Upgrade: Hyperion Exo-Suit
- Improved Upgrade: Null Field Generator
- Improved Upgrade: Predator Torp Array
- Improved Upgrade: Combat Hull Architecture
- Improved Upgrade: Medical Bay
- Improved Upgrade: Crew Xeno Suits
- Improved Doctor Resource Artwork
- Fixed Unlocks for Cumulative Rank
- New 'Xebolits Alien' Enemy AI
- New Ship Artwork: Pagurus Liner Type
- New Designs: Valiant Interceptor, Locks Class
- New Ship Artwork: Pagurus Naval Type
- New Designs: Trac Merchant, Heuer Lifter
- Updated Starting Ship Details, Added Speed/Agility
- Updated Awards: Aspiring Trader, Emerging Trader
- Updated Awards: Affluent Trader, Wealthy Trader, Rich Trader
- Help File Updates for Unlocks / Awards
- New Smarter Alien/Hive/Narv AI (Hard+)
- Updated Spice Hall Rumors (New Hints!)
- Balancing and Incorporate AI Feedback