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  1. Nana's game
    This game is amazing! One of the nicest features is the watch a video for more moves. Great game, I'd give it more stars if I could ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  2. Fun Fun
    At level 20 and it is fun. They give you 3 boosters to start with each kind. Graphics are good. They let you watch videos to get 5 extra moves so you don't have to spend $$. Will continue to see how it goes. Hoping the same.
  3. Jungle mash
    Great game. Unlimited lives!! YEAH! Also you watch ads for free moves. YEAH!
  4. Jungle mash
    More fun than fruit bump, but not that great. Jewel mash is still the best. The graphics in jungle mash are boring, no excitement. Sorry I paid for it.
  5. Great game
    I wish I could sync up with my old iPad, & not have to start over from level 1. Good game otherwise.
  6. Lots of fun!
    It is nice to have a game that can actually be played for free! A few bugs, but worth the frustration!
  7. Fire your development team!
    Pretty bad Runs out of moves frequently. Full of glitches. I guess that if you are developing the game by yourself it's kind of ok, but if you have a team of developers them at once! Don't throw away good money !
  8. Great!
    This is a very fun game thus far. No bugs at all. Very pretty gems to play...I recommend this game. Having a lot of fun!
  9. Was working great but now....
    Was working very well and entertaining but now at level 13 it keeps crashing and am unable to play
  10. Fun game
    I was pleasantly surprised on how fun this game is. He keeps you playing
  11. Jungle mash
    Great game! Would be better if you could earn power ups instead of have to buy them, but they do give you some free which is more than most games.
  12. Fast and Colorful
    The game goes by quickly and the colors are pretty
  13. Ok game
    This is a very good game sometime I don't want to stop God Bless
  14. Great game
    Having lots of fun playing this game.
  15. Good game
    Jewel Mash is still the best, but this is good.
  16. Classy and Fun
    I haven't played a really good game since I played Fruit Bump. I went back to play it again and found Jungle Mashable. Really nice graphics. Every other game I've tried looks like it was put together with an old computer and as much as I know about programming, which is zero. These two games are standout.


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