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  1. Keeps you coming back!
    Fun game!!! Easy to play but it's getting harder! Cute characters & it helps improve your memory & I like that!
  2. Really neat!
    This game is fun and test ur memory and sharpens ur brain! I like the graphics too!
  3. Very cute game
    Fun game where you work on your memory skills with cutely designed characters. Recommend.
  4. Great game
    Pretty simple idea but very well done very easy to play❤️❤️❤️❤️
  5. Really a fun incredible game!!!
    Take it from someone who lost both their long and short term memory!! Good game
  6. Wow
    This game is so much fun and the characters are so cute.
  7. Great!
    This is a great brain train game and it's easy and fun! Love it!!!!
  8. Super Fun!
    I'm really enjoying this game. I thought it looked childish at first but the game is harder that I thought.
  9. Peppy pairs
    This game is so much fun the levels get hard as it goes love the theme of it ❤️ I love the characters of the games this is a amazing game
  10. Highly entertaining
    I started playing this game today. The initial stages are easy enough and help you learn how to play. When you keep moving up the worlds is when it starts getting fun. I say go for it if you are a fan of the Candy Crush Saga family.
  11. Pretty addictive
    I saw this game and thought I'd try it but I didn't expect to like it that much but it's actually pretty fun and u can play it without having to be purchasing this or that constantly like soooo many other games.
  12. Love it!
    I love this game and I just started playing it! The music is relaxing and the little shapes and things on the tiles are so cute! It's a really fun and addicting game!
    This game is incredibly fun. I got hooked to it in seconds.
  14. Great game!
    I love this game so far it's very fun. I also love how you get a decent amount of extra energy when you get to the second step of a level. Hopefully it stays that way
  15. I like this game
    This game is challenging and fun! Levels get harder as you progress. I would have never thought of tiles on moving conveyor belts! and I like that the boards are grouped into different worlds. Great game
  16. Super fun
    Honestly very cute game and very fun.
  17. Actually awesome. :>
    animations are cute and smooth, game play is fun and challenging, idea is unique and awesome. I don't usually write reviews but you got me hooked. :)
  18. Cute and Fun!
    Back to basics with good ole fun and cute graphics! Good for all ages!
  19. Great game!
    I like this game a lot. It's so much easier and better than the match 3 games. The match 3 games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled, they are rigged to where you can win. This game isn't rigged. Love it! Much better.
  20. No helicopters
    I was really disappointed to have beaten the entire game to find out not only were there no helicopters, but there wasn't even a single mention of one.


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