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  1. Fun for awhile
    The game itself is fun, while it works. I can't seem to get past the first puzzle in lucky seven. I get a message that they found more information, or something like that. It asks to retrieve it for you. This is something that happens thought the game. Usually no problem. When you get toward the end of that first puzzle in lucky seven, it won't load. It keeps going back to that message and you can't get in. I thought maybe it was just a glitch on my iPad and uninstalled it. Then I put it on my phone. The same thing happened. Apparently, it's just the app. I uninstalled it again and won't reinstall again. I'm done. If you are looking for short term enjoyment, this app is for you.
  2. Worst bingo game!!!!
    Don’t play!!!! First few games they let you win. Make it look so easy!!! But it’s nothing but BS!!!!
  3. Review
    I love the game all the double bingo and triple Bingos keeps me occupied for hours you should try it sometime if you love bingo you'll love this game
  4. You never win enough to consistently play
    They are always trying to force you into buying more cherries. Some of the rooms have ridiculously low payouts for the amount of cherries you have to use to complete the room. Even if you just want to enjoy playing bingo you can only do so a couple of times a day or even two days unless you purchase cherries and lower your odds of winning. They raised the prices of their sale cherries to $14.99 which is too high of a price for an app, I admit I would do the $9.99 sales. I’ve worked retail and I don’t think they have because people will justify $9.99 as “it’s only ten dollars oh well” compared to the mentality of “$15 that’s more than I want to spend”. Something about that $10 price point makes a difference.
  5. Great game but way too pricey
    This is by far the best bingo game...but the credits they give you daily is only enough for 1 maybe 2 games as you level through. It’s kinda disappointing and will probably uninstall if it doesn’t change.
  6. Interesting
    Still trying to figure the game out, but not bad. Very entertaining!
  7. Bingo
    Liked the game initially,but it takes verry long to earn more cherries. I enjoy playing but time consuming to build up my cherries to have them quickly depleted. And I will not PAY for something that was advertised as 'free'
  8. They changed it for the worst- again.
    They added new “mini games” but once again cut down the card limit on several games. I’ve been trying for months to level up to unlock a new room and am still not even close. I enjoyed playing bingo derby- which once had 12 cards available. They now limit it to TWO cards! Ridiculous. They also increased the price per card. Takes days to save up enough cherries to play ONE round. I have all my stars in every room except the special games, bingo derby, and Grand Prix because they only let you play 2-4 cards at a time. All I have left is the additional stars they added to the high stakes rooms and I have to save up for 10 days to get enough to play one round with 12 cards and the jackpot available. It was my favorite bingo game, but they keep changing the games that I enjoyed before.
  9. Cherries and coins
    I’m disappointed in this game. It by far my favorite out of any game in the App Store, but I feel like I can’t even play it. It costs so many cherries to play one round and it’s almost impossible to get more without spending money on the game. Being a college student I can’t spend money on games, however it would be nice to still be able to play it without having to. Don’t title your game as “free” if we’re gonna have to pay to play it in the long run.
  10. Don’t waste your phone’s memory
    This game seems really awesome at first. You win some, you lose some... all dandy! Then you start to notice the winning becomes rare, and you lose “cherries” in order to force you to purchase more, without which you cannot play. It’s B.S. This app is set up to entice you in the beginning, then it screws you over.
  11. Bonus cherries
    Removed all my hard earned daily bonus cherries, giving me only 14 per day! I have been playing this game for several years and was receiving approx 60 cherries per day. I emailed bingo pop several times without response from them!
  12. You really can win at this game!
    To all the people complaining that they can never get enough cherries. Keep playing. You may have to drop a few bucks once in a while, or wait a few days to build up cherries. But, if you play it well. You can win more than you loose. I’ve been playing about 6 months. I’m at level 373 now and have about 27,000 cherries. I’ve even hit the jackpot once. Mega bingos happen more often than you think. Play smarter!
  13. Stressful
    At the beginning its great but after you advance it gets harder due too not enough cheeries given out in fast enough time. Please help make it better
  14. Boo! Disappointed
    Not enough cherries! Also, you'll get a bingo in about 1 of every 15 games. And you almost never win more cherries than you spend which forces you to pay money or not be able to play. This game is fun as long as you keep paying. Ugh they just want to drain your bank account. Beware!
  15. Never get bingos
    Bingos are very few and far between but fun when you have cherries. Like someone else said it's feast or famine!
  16. Love-Hate Relationship
    I have loved this game and played for years but they changed and have become so stingy with their cherries that I don't get to enjoy it like I used too. I have appx ONLY 600 cherries BUT 2.5 m coins ....something doesn't add up! I've fought my way to level 213 so that means I have enough cherries to currently play 3 games if I didn't rack up on bingos I'd no have cherries left! If you purchased cherries you don't get your money"s worth to play constantly so I don't normally buy. They have also changed their gifting. I have soooo many Bingo Pop friends but only get to gift to maybe 1/3! Bingo Pop... PLEASE help your loyal long time players out and throw us a bone... Oops some cherries!
  17. Fun
    I really enjoy playing this game, the only thing is I need more cherries!!
  18. Good
    I hesitated downloading this game after reading other reviews but finally decided what the heck I'll give it a try. I love the way this game is set up. Getting to decide which power ups you want to use is great. The only downside is it costs too much so you have to basically settle. I love how if you get a bingo it automatically calls it for you. No having to try to hit the bingo button. The downside is you can have several ways to get a bingo with just one more number and it's never called. I like how there are ways to earn cherries. But like others have said you have to wait a while before you get enough to play. I do like the game and play it daily. Just wish we could earn more cherries to play more.
  19. Rip off
    This is a fun game to start and can be a bit addictive. Unfortunately it’s designed to lose more than you’ll ever win. It’s meant to take your money. If you want to play, spend a week collecting cherries to pay for your cards. You’ll run out fast enough. Collect daily cherries all week and then you can have a few hours of play for free.
  20. I used to love this app
    Lately every time I try to push the daily free chips button; it locks up. A few days ago..I kept trying and when it locked up; I tried to close out the app and it charged me $29.99 for chips. I am making a complaint then deleting this app. Before all these issues, I would have given it a 5 star rating; but not anymore.


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