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  1. Favorite game
    I don’t typically like wasting my time by writing reviews, but I’m making an exception for this one :) the stories in the game make me smile and laugh at different points, and cry at other points. Some endings are happy, others are heartbreaking, but all are beautiful and well-written. If you persevere in playing the game for months, you can build up coins and pearls and energy hearts over time. Do the events, do the cooking classes when you can. Build up points, have in reading the stories and the diary entries and the letters. Visit allies daily because you can get a pearl from visiting allies pretty often, and pearls are used for most things in the game. If you use coins for the castle lottery, do the 10 draws at once, you usually have a chance to get pearls that way too. I highly recommend this game, but be warned that I’m the first few days and weeks, maybe even months, it can seem pointless to continue or boring if you hit a roadblock with pearls. Just keep trying because I’m telling you, these stories are SO worth it. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I have!! (In game purchases can help but are NOT necessary unless you get impatient with collecting pearls and coins!)
  2. WHAaaaattt!?!
    WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN! I went to open the app I played for a long time and suddenly it restarted by itself and redone everything!!!! I lost all my stories and money and points and all my beautiful kimonos!!!!! I can't recover when I do transfer data it just says incorrect I'm positive it's correct!! Oh my gosh I'm so upset!!!!! Whhhhhyyyyyy!!!!!
  3. Long-time player giving a long review
    I’ve been playing this game since around last May and it helped me get through a dark time in my life. I found it randomly and decided I would try it out on a whim but realized how quickly I grew to love it for several reasons. I will list the cons first, however, as a warning to those who wish to try this game: Cons— 1) Everyone will comment on this aspect, especially given that it is somewhat expected from a mobile game, but you will absolutely be expected to spend real money to get Pearls, the premium currency of this game, if you wish to fully experience this game. No, I don’t mean just the portraits in the main storyline for each character— I mean the epilogues for the story events or special event stories to the lotteries that let you customize your character’s avatar/appearance. Save your Pearls specifically for the stories— they are most worth investing in since you can read them whatever you want over and over again— and also for Closet and Storage space, as you will need those for all events that come by. Lotteries, Goddess of Noble Love packages, and Energy are absolutely last in priority (depending on your priorities, but please, NEVER spend Pearls for Energy or Skill Points— you can get those for free). There is another currency (though much more useless) called Coins, and the worst part is, though you will amass probably several hundreds of thousands of these, THERE IS NO COIN TO PEARL CONVERTER. Again, be prepared to spend if you want everything. 2) Unique to probably most visual novels is that you will have to “grind” and wait for Energy to get Love Points during events and Skill Points to advance the main story. Depending on circumstances, that can take several hours (given the slow 1 hour=2 Energy/1 Heart restoration rate) to several days or even weeks, if you’re really behind. Yes, you will “lose” the free Love Passes you get when you cannot advance the story due to this fact. 3) There are 12 characters, yes, but once you finish each of their endings at least once (like I have), the options start to run thin and you’re kind of left just waiting for Story Events. It takes a while to get through an entire route with free-to-play, so if you want both endings, be prepared for the amount of time it’ll take. There are about 12 episodes for each person and they take about 20 Love Passes to finish each one, and you only get 5 free ones each day, so be prepared unless you wish to spend. 4) It’s not often, but there will be the occasional typo or repeat use of phrases by some characters. Enough said on this. 5) There is no other recovery system to this app if you accidentally delete it besides the initial Transfer Data option you get on the Start Screen. Use it because that’s pretty much all they’ve got for recovery if something happens. Now I can tell you what there is to love about this game: Pros— 1) The artwork, especially given its simplicity despite it being a visual novel/otome game, is phenomenal. Some of the linework can be messy in the Portraits and the coloring a bit rushed-looking but overall there is gorgeous stylization down to the characters, landscapes, and even the icons. There’s a little something left to be desired for the aesthetics of the game (like the boxes and buttons) but it overall looks great and is accompanied by a simple, but great soundtrack. 2) If you’re satisfied with just doing it whenever and aren’t too serious about it, pretty much everything you can ask for on a basic level is FREE. Even the free items or items you can purchase with Coins are great and there are even free first spins for pretty much every lottery. I recommend doing everything you can without spending any Pearls FIRST, then deciding what you want to spend them on. They are a precious currency and don’t come by often, if only in Battle Events, Main Story Promos, and by going to visit your Allies. If you have to choose between spending Coins or Pearls, ALWAYS choose Coins. 3) The app pretty much never crashes and if there is an error, shoot them an email and they’ll be quick to answer and solve the problem. Same goes with in-app purchase issues. They will also frequently have surveys that ask for feedback generally and especially for events— fill these out and often you will not be disappointed. 4) The writing alone is enough to play this, even if you don’t care for/have never heard of anything related to Japan or the Sengoku Period. Glorifying of the time as it is like most Sengoku-period visual novels, it’s still pretty historically relevant and educational for culturally significant things regarding Japan. The writing is also well done for this game and I find myself trading epilogues I’ve purchased over and over again. It even gets rather steamy for some, if you wish to see/appreciate that kind of material. If not, that’s fine, too. You’ll appreciate the content either way just for the exciting subject matter and different storylines. Suggestions for Voltage— 1) This is one of the only relatively large scale visual novel apps that I see that does not have a general currency to premium currency converter. I have spent quite a bit of money on this game, but I simply cannot afford to for some other things and I definitely couldn’t when I first started due to personal reasons. You will alienate those users who cannot afford to keep up with the necessity Pearls demand in this game. Even if it is 10,000 or 20,000 per Pearl, I really hope you’ll add this feature if not for your old players at least for your new ones and to keep up with competitors like Mystic Messenger and the like. I’m sure people will want to spend more if they see there is even more they can experience and enjoy as is. 2) A better recovery system or at least a more visible recommendation to Transfer Data at all times on the Start Screen. 3) Main stories for some of your popular side characters and more ways to use Coins. 4) Doubtful on this, but a faster Energy recovery rate.
  4. Great game, very accurate
    This is my favorite game- despite the annoyingly weak heroine. My favorite parts are the trivia about Sengoku Japan and Japanese culture. There is a slight discrepancy, however, with the opening sequence. It says this takes place during 15th century Japan but the warlords they use are all from the 16th century. Now, the Sengoku Period did start in the 15th century (1467-1567, though the warring actually stopped in 1603, when the Edo Period began), but the warlords they use- who were all contemporary to each other- were from the 16th century. The alliances are accurate. So far, the only major historic inaccuracy I’ve found is the century they name. It’s a good way to learn Japanese history, culture, trading, and politics.
  5. I like this game but...
    I really do like this game however, I wasn’t able to log on for about a month (I have done this before and it was okay) or so due to me being busy. However, when I was finally able to log back in, the app seemed to like restart. It started again as if I had just downloaded the game meaning that my data on the app was gone. I then decided to click the button transfer data but it just kicked me right out of the game. I did this for about 3 more tries. Then I decided to click play now. Once I did that, the app said transfer a success. But once again right after, I was kicked out. I have tried to enter the app 3 more times but each time it doesn’t get past the /_\ ATTENTION /_\ page. Please fix this.
  6. Love this game!
    I LOVE this!!! I've read every story and each character is lovable and special, you fall in love with one and think no one is going to be as good but then each story is so enticing you fall in love all over again!! You don't have to use pearls for the story either, making it more playable. I do wish they would add a few more characters though, namely Kagie as I really have a thing for him and would like to see a story about him.
  7. My data was deleted
    I updated and my game data was reset before I could of even had the chance to get my transfer code. I never got to finish Yukimura’s story or the current event as a result.
  8. Act Two
    If possible, can their part twos be released? I like Inuchiyo’s one
  9. Super mad
    I’m so mad about the recent update. All my data is gone just cause my phone auto-updated! Why wouldn’t you warn us sooner? Unless the problem is fixed I’ll probably never play this game again. Which reeaaalllly pisses me off cause I had like fifty pearls
  10. Glitch
    So I was doing the kitty karnival and I gave mitsunari 300 items for his kitty kibbles, and when I went to receive them, they weren’t in the item box. I don’t know if that’s a glitch from the new update, but I hope I get them because Mitsunari is a sweetheart, and I really wanted this item. Please help me, Voltage.
  11. Great App!
    I’m not a big anime fan, but this has really caught my interest. The stories are all so interesting and I can’t help but get invested in the story. I’ve yet to make any in app purchase so you can play without paying.
  12. Favorite otome app
    This is one of my favorite apps. There are so many stories to choose from and there are additional side event stories that are fun and interesting too. The art work is fantastic. You don't have to spend money to progress the stories, but it will speed it up. Definitely worth the download.
  13. This app gives me LIFE
    So glad I came across this app. I first found out about SLBP from a Youtube video of the Voltage Inc booths. Anyways, the art and music are beautiful, and the stories are addicting. This needs it's own anime!! I would die happy.
    Don't get me wrong the stories are grate. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO WAIT to continue reading. Which you can honestly complete in a day. But if you want to continue you have to ACTUALLY BUY (with your money) PEARLS TO CONTINUE. Which the stories are not long it is semi a page.
  15. Some thoughts.
    I love the game, the story feels well written and each character is unique in their own way. That part I have not one issue with. The only thing I wish was available was an option to convert coins into pearls. Even if it was 5,000 coins gets you one pearl I think that would very fair especially when considering the fact that pearls are used in nearly every in game feature. You need three pearls to play the lotteries. You need one pearl each time you need to expand closet/ storage space. You need countless pearls if you want to complete the love route of every characters story... and yet pearls are incredibly hard to come across in game without spending money. That being said I do love the game and I wouldn't mind spending SOME money on it, however I don't have the money to spend and pearls cost a lot in game for what you get. So I only hope that in the future we could see a coin to pearl converter, as I think this would really appeal to all players, not just myself.
  16. Amazing & Addicting
    Out of all the otome games I've played this one by far is my favorite. The gameplay gives you options to stay busy and advance in the story to better your chances with your lover. You're not just waiting around for the next few chapters. I did put some money into getting love passes & pearls. Whether you decide to do that or not so worth it regardless !
  17. Love it! But...
    Can you make the text faster? It takes so long to get through stories and that's one reason I don't play as much anymore.
  18. This game is by far my favorite Otome Game
    Absolutely amazing! Everything about this game is well developed. From the art and CG's, the characters backstories, their individual personalities, their storylines and also the fact that the MC acts differently according to whose route you choose to play. The story events are both fun and exciting and the fashion lotteries always have clothing that are gorgeous and well designed. There is just no other free-to-play otome app that has beaten my love for Samurai Love Ballad Party.
  19. Don't waste your time
    This game will bleed you dry because the "episodes" don't even last 30 seconds and it costs a whole pass to play. Plus the story is constantly being interrupted by stupid story challenges that also cost money. And if you don't make the right choses then it will cost you a lot more money because you won't have enough points to continue. So don't waste your time.
  20. UAAH
    The even has me in the feels!!!.!!.!. And I love the main story too!


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