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  1. Boring
    Seriously boring for a 5 year old. Same Wheel of Wow items for over a month. Games are very limited on the app. We bought the toy, not like they are giving an app for free and we should settle for a limited game. Disappointed
  2. Great but...
    I've had this app for a while but I deleted after a while just cuz. Now whenever I try to download it it won't work or let me get it back! Please help or tell me how to fix this cuz I loooovvvveeeee this game and I just got a plush and I want to make a new account but it won't let me!
  3. It is really good app
    I love it so much it is really good.
  4. Awesome
    This is a great game for kids to take responsibility for their actual pets actual versus real life pets
  5. Needs more
    I rlly love the computer one but this app doesn’t have half the things the computer does. I think all the arcade games from the computer should be added along with the kinzville academy and stuff. It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Love it!!
    Ok, I have been playing Webkinz for years on the computer. I have like 40 Webkinz and three different accounts that I play on everyday because it's so much fun. I played this so much that I bought Deluxe membership, and let me just say it is so worth it! Then I saw that Ganz released a mobile version of Webkinz and I loved it at first sight. Plus Deluxe gives you all of the games and gets rid of adds for and a lot more. Well done Ganz, you earned all stars from me.
  7. Webkinz = scam???
    i mean.. i used to love webby as a kid.. y'know? but then i was like 7 and animal jam pulled up like skrt skrt skitty skit gratata. Animal jam was the new thing, and it's b/c you could basically have a party w/ all your friends & dress emo. #webkinzisoverparty
    I’ve played webkinz when I was a kid, and since I’m revisiting it, the memories are coming back
  9. Please read developers!
    The app glitches out too much. It will freeze (especially wheel of wow), some room themes in the Wshop will not appear when I click on them (examples: Dragon theme, etc). Please fix. Thank you.
  10. Great but
    It’s great but it won’t let me go to Kinzville please fix it
  11. Y
    I want to start with a kinda empty room, not a all done room but it is still a good game
  12. I love webkinz but...
    I love webkinz but I loved the old version better now all the songs are gone and there is less games and I can't find how to get to arty or Amanda panda please change it back this new version is boring
  13. Wish it had more options
    I do appreciate that you get the deluxe membership for three days which is awesome! But after that it becomes boring! It’s also very limited on what you can and can’t do! For example, you can’t go to the curio shop or the kinzville academy....that may affect how many people download the app....also when I login on my computer there is an issue where I don’t get the kinzville things to do map...and I am just stuck in my room...this game is my childhood and I wish it was as good as it was then...please fix
  14. Kinda Disappointed
    The website is so much better! I really love this game, but it's no where near as good as the website, because the options are very limited, and you can't sell things that you have but don't want/need. And I can't open on my mobile device because it takes me to the app store instead.
  15. Limited
    The app is great but there is really nothing to do
  16. love webkinz but...
    i love webkinz but the app is too limited. there are no options for pet to attend kinzville academy or curio shop or quizzy's, and in the app, board games from the W shop don't play. also i love the webkinz plush toys but they are becoming harder to find nowadays in the us (where i live). i love webkinz and really really don't want it to go away at all, but please help make the app better. like add spree and jumbleberry fields or a platform game. would love a new platform game for the arcade, a mario style one but with a webkinz character instead and it could play on mobile. in the next update could you please add the ability to sell items in the W shop? and the ability to play at Quizzy's question corner on mobile and ipad.
  17. SELLING ITEMS is a must!!!
    This is a great way to access Webkinz World when a computer is unavailable, but there could be quite a few improvements. For example, Quizzy's, the Wishing Well 2 & SPREE! & Jumbleberry Fields daily games, Wacky Bingoz, and (most importantly) SELLING ITEMS!! PLEASE Lawrdy Jeezus, if you don't add anything else at least let us sell things at the W Shop! I went from 5000somethin Kinzcash to 217 in maybe an hour, and I could have gotten a good amount of it back already if I could SELL MY STUFF!!!
  18. Friends
    Please add a visit room option in friends mode I would like my friends pets to visit my pets rooms
  19. My old reveiw is trash heres a new one.
    I am a mobile only user with "no flash availability"! "Why? Because flash on Ios is naturally expensive and usually a scam"! Supposedly you are working on implementing these features yes? Well, Ok, but I litterally just had to think about whether my rating was too high and dropped it a star because it is basically a walking advertisement for Everywhere you look on the mobile app there is "You can do this on" and if you are not planning on adding these features, please PLEASE get rid of the pop ups!!!! That review is a scam... Download Webkinz to show support and Puffin Flash browser for classic features. Click on an ad for the W-Shop or go into theater mode enough times and stuff will happen. Note that being deluxe isnt required but i have noticed more ads appear for actual webkinz products if you are.
  20. Add more
    Me and my friends wanna play togethor on the app but we can’t cause theres nothing that we can meet up we can only do that on the computer but she only has the app cause it doesn’t work on her computer so can u please add everything that’s on the webkinz computer game to the app like the games the places the rings that are on there it would be great thank you.


What`s new

· Gardening 1-click functionality update
· Dispenser 1-click functionality update
· Various bug fixes