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  1. Truly a MUST-HAVE!!!
    This game is great! With amazing 3D graphics and tons of levels to keep you playing, this game is definitely a must have. It can be relaxing after a long day to just sit back and play. I found myself playing for hours even though it only felt like a few minutes. As you move through the levels you are further challenged and required to think even harder about how to solve each one. As soon as I open it up, I NEVER WANT TO STOP! Download now and join in on the fun! I promise you won't regret it!
  2. The bubble matching is surprisingly fun
    Surprisingly the matching of balloons relaxes me and the smiley faces bring positive energy in me. Adorable game.
  3. Fulfills my free time
    This is the game i play the most in my free time. It is indeed a quality, relaxing and challenging bubble game.
  4. The levels are entertaining challenging
    Bubble jeopardy is joyful game filled with great animations and graphics. The levels challenging to me and if don't have any obligation i could play this game for hours.
  5. Cool game.
    It seems to me that this game is great develops logic. You always think through the steps to progress through the levels. I'm trying to earn maximum points :) Also, I am encouraged that all the time there is a new obstacle. So there is always what to expect. I'm just excited about this.
  6. Well
    Good! Great game, tightened. Already all my friends and acquaintances play Bubble Jeopardy. So put only 5 Stars! There are challenging levels, but it makes the game more captivating. Even already started to compete with friends who continue to be held. And this game is more fun.
  7. Gorgeous game with great animation
    Crisp, colorful and entertaining game with lovely animation and 3d graphics. I love the smile face ballons. This game bring positive energy into me. Tone of challenging levels that i can play everyday. Bubble is one of those games that get into your skin fast and you can't rid of them, you just enjoy them.
  8. Wow
    The game has captured me and my daughter and my husband. Very enthusiastic. Like that life quickly restored and no need to wait for a long time in some games. Really like playing from morning to night. Actively discussing the progress of the game in the family :) Thank you developers for this great game!
  9. The game is great!
    Bubble Jeopardy very relaxing and distracting after a hard day's work. I really like the game, especially graphics and animation. Just love it. Levels quite easily and is quick and almost never stuck. For me it's important, because I start to get nervous if the level is impossible to pass. Waiting for new updates.
  10. Very cool
    Very good game, with lost of exciting and interesting levels. I did not even notice how goes the whole battery life playing it. Not boring and not get tired of it. Friends, I highly recommend you try it, it's worth it :) you will not regret!
  11. EPIC!!
    It's EPIC and I really mean it and I-I just don't know what to say! It was and is awesome and funny and fun and if like candy crush games.
  12. Colorful and very addictive
    I can't stop myself from playing again and again whenever I start once, loved all the features while playing, keeps me intact.
  13. Cool game
    This is a very cool games I really love it it's really awesome you get really cool power ups when you match the relevant ballon.
  14. Wonderful game!!
    Wonderful app to play and takes a very less space in mobile. If you are bored of candy crush, get this game, its totally amazing.
  15. Fun!
    Definitely worth checking out! Very fun and difficult as you level up. One of the best matching game I have played.
  16. Amazing
    This is an amazing game it's so addictive and fun I would definitely recommend this game to any age!!!!


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