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  1. Fun tables, great value!
    This app cost me $1.99 and included both the South Park and butters tables. Both tables are top notch. Very happy. If zen priced all tables like this I would buy them all.
  2. great pinball but needs some adjustments
    great tables with great audio clips but needs to adjust the continue feature the continue button (you must buy tokens for continues) is MUCH larger than the give up button which is hard to press also a function to turn off continue purchases should be in the options would gladly pay more for tables with out in app purchases
    I own over 20 Zen Pinball tables, and the South Park tables are the best they've ever done. Of course, Zen tables are extremely well done, but they really knocked it out of the PARK (no pun intended) this time. Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball are the best tables out there. But the SOUTH PARK tables are AWESOME!!!
  4. South Park Pinball
    I am hooked, I find my self playing for hours. It it worth the 3 or 4 buck I payed for it.
  5. Southpark pinball
    AMAZING!!!i'm a HUGE South Park fan and I just really love this game ALOT! Sometimes when I stay up I play this game and I already broke a record!!! :D
  6. A must have!!!
    If you love South Park and pinball this is a must have!
  7. Hilarious
    A must have for any South Park fan
  8. MORE !!! HALO?
    Love this table. Want MORE !!! Can we get a HALO table? Great job.
  9. Great
    It's very fun, wish they had more pinball machines but it is still very fun.
  10. Ok game- but ANNOYING!!!
    Ok game- but very annoying that after each game you required to type your initials every single time. The game will not retain your game name like other games. Extremely annoying process.
  11. Download error a pain
    It wouldn't download. Gave me an error at the 50% mark. Then turned on wifi and it worked.
  12. Fantastic!
    ...and I'm not being sarcastic. I play a lot of pinball both on and off the iPad, and I have to say these South Park tables are some of my favorite tables on my iPad. I am also a big fan of the Stars Wars pinball, also by Zen, but I think these are just as good if not better.
  13. Corrupted Download
    I just bought this game and as soon as it finishes downloading it popped up a demand to download more data for the game. Unfortunately it only gets to 50% then says that I can't download because it has been corrupted. I expect it to be fixed soon. Because I didn't pay 4$ for nothing.
  14. Fun game but.......
    This is a fun game that combines both pinball and South Park. I have 1 issue with it though. After your first game they give you 3 free tokens to use to buy your way back into the game. The issue I have is when your game is over, you have the option of using them with a huge "continue" button or you can choose the really tiny "end game" button. If you have really huge fingers you either have to wait for the timer to count down to end the game or risk hitting continue if you don't really want to.
  15. Download the game after you download the game?
    When you first open the app you are greeted with the message: "You are about to download a lot of data. Continue?" Why in the world do I have to download the game after I downloaded the app? Just put the game IN the App download! Stupid!
  16. Doesn't work
    Wont download it's own data, complains that data is corrupt. Boooo. They musta had butters on qa.
  17. It's sweet but....
    Needs to be optimized for 4th gen ipod and crashes too, it still plays good but the butters table crashes when i start it
  18. Live up to this games potential
    The tables are nothing to complain about, but please, please add a view option where the camera zooms in and follows the ball. On an iPhone 5c, and mostly any phone that isn't huge, the camera views that are available makes the whole experience of this app inconvenient.
  19. A little expensive but...
    I'm always willing to support Matt and Trey with whatever they're doing. If you're a South Park fan, this is for you. Great time killer, aesthetically pleasing pinball game, and both machines have very extensive sound boards where you hear more lines as you progress in a single round. Very entertaining, hoping to see all new machines in the future (I'd kill for a Randy machine.)
  20. If you're a South Park fan... This is for you
    This game is already awesome for having a South Park theme because there aren't a lot of quality South Park apps on the App Store. Notice how I said quality... This game has really good graphics and awesome sound effects. If you're a South Park fan or a pinball fan, or just someone who loves games, this app is worth every cent and so much fun!