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  1. Okay fine whatever.
    I own 3 Zen pinball games and by far my favorite is Star Wars. TWD is pretty boring at first and the mini game is just as bad as the South Park mini game with the tiny flippers in a tiny space where you try to score tons of points. There's no skill involved so you just mash the flippers. Yay. The themes in this game are unlocked similar to Star Wars, which when triggered open deeper aspects of the game which draw on the Telltale series. On an iPhone 5 I can barely make out any indicating lights telling me where I need to be aiming and the layout of the machine is so simple it is reminiscent of other tables they have done with tons of lanes you have to repeatedly shoot at to unlock letters. I don't know, it is just kind of stupid. I will still give this game 10+ hours and really try and get into it and maybe it will grow on me. Too bad Zen seems to be among the very few groups making pinball apps. So much potential with a digital pinball machine and it seems the possibilities have barely been tapped into. This game should have been .99 cents.
  2. Pretty cool!
    Need more than one pinball machine and I wish it was the characters from the show though. That would be awesome.
  3. I love it!
    I love the series and this is great too! I can't stop playing it. :)